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I See Inexperience, Irresponsibility, and Poor Delivery All Too Often: A Message From the Owner

I've been building websites, online software, brand identities, and marketing strategies for quite a few years now and there is […]

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What an Online Presence Consists of in 2011

With technology rapidly and drastically changing the way businesses communicate with their customers, what exactly is it that your business […]

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Content Doesn't Win. Optimized Content Wins.

"Content doesn't win.  Optimized content wins." - Li Evans The old adage, "Content is king," is still used regularly in […]

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6 Reasons Your Business Needs to Use Social Media

We've all heard about social media.  We've heard success stories and tales of epic failures.  So how do you know […]

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10 Ways to Locate and Target Your Most Valuable Customers

The Internet, with the right mindset and the right tools, can be your most efficient, effective, and convenient means of […]

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15 Ways to Make Your Website Do the Work for You

Let's talk about business. When a client calls, do you answer it?  If a deadline is approaching and a project's […]

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18 Search Engine Optimization Techniques You Should Already Be Using

Search engine optimization is one of those tedious processes that most business owners don't want to do themselves.  To make […]

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What Goes on Behind the Scenes of Your New Website?

You may have seen your quote or invoice itemized out into design tasks and development tasks.  "What's the difference?," you […]

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10 Ways to Make Your Call to Action Actually Call the User to Act

All too often, businesses think they have an effective call to action on their website only to find out that […]

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Ten Reasons Your Branding is No Good

Your brand is no good if: You have no colors or fonts associated with your business: Yes, it's important that […]

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Target Demographics: Social Networks Do the Work for You

Who is your ideal client or customer?  Are they male? Female? Teenaged? Middle-Aged? Dog-lovers? iPhone-users? Soccer players? Board game enthusiasts? […]

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