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What is Web Design and Development?

Whether your customers have searched for your business by name or stumbled upon your site while looking for a product or service you sell, your site’s main job is to invite these consumers in, educate them about what they’re looking for, and lead them down the funnel to conversion. If you fail to capture their attention, they will move on to the next company that provides a better user experience. That's where we come in.

How We Build the Best Website for Your Customers

As a St. Louis web design and development agency, the team at Seafoam looks deeper than the surface design and functionality of every website we build. We dive into the psyche of our clients’ users, leaning heavily on their perspectives, needs, and journeys to guide our designs. This strategy helps us cultivate sites that appeal to users, both aesthetically and functionally.

The Psychology of Web Design

We take our designs further by injecting elements of psychology into the sites we build. We think about the small details, like the emotions that certain colors and shapes invoke, or how page flow and animations can add delight to the user experience. Each design component is an opportunity to hone in on customers’ thought processes and guide them to invest in your brand.

How We Build the Best Website for Your Brand

Having a website that appeals to your customers is only one half of the design and development equation. Your website should also cater to your needs, goals and vision, as well!

Before we begin to outline your website, our web design and development team will sit down with yours to discuss the elements that drive your brand. We’ll ask you about your top competitors, how you feel your website should function, who your main users are, how you would like these users to engage with your site, and more. Then we’ll have you fill out a quick survey that helps us understand your design preferences so that we know which visual elements you enjoy and which ones you don’t.

By the end of our meeting, our website design and development team will have a more well-rounded idea of how you would like your website to look, feel, and function, as well as why you chose these elements. As we begin to build your website, our process includes several touch-points that keep you up to date with our progress. There will also be opportunities for us to add any requested tweaks and polish to the design as necessary. This journey is truly a partnership between our team and your brand; we intend to work closely with you every step of the way.

Define Your Brand’s Online Identity

Your website isn’t just an online symbol of your brand; it is your brand. Regardless of the shape of your current website, Seafoam’s St. Louis web design agency can redesign your site or build a brand new online experience from the ground up. Are you ready to redefine the way your customers perceive and interact with your brand online? Schedule your free Discovery Session with our team to get started!

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