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What is Content Development?

No one knows your industry better than you do. Now show it! A strong content marketing strategy is the perfect way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Offer tutorials, advice, and best-practices about how to use your products and services. Highlight your company culture and showcase your devotion to quality service. Good content is the key to earning the trust and loyalty of your customers.

You know your brand needs to dive deep into content, but content for content sake isn’t a good strategy. Your path forward has to be calculated.

Materials that represent your brand should be high-quality pieces that shine a spotlight on your company’s mission. Your story should be authentic and genuine, otherwise you risk damaging your brand.

What you can expect with Seafoam

Kick Off

From the very first time we meet with your brand, our content team is doing research. We’re understanding what drives you and your company. We’re learning about your core customers’ needs and objectives, in addition to your own mission and goals. We’re determining the best ways to share your story with the people who are most likely to invest in what you have to offer.

Voice and Tone

A large part of representing a brand online, especially for a marketing consultancy + agency like ours, is to understand our partners’ voice and tone. We want to create content that sounds like it comes directly from you. That’s one of the many reasons why we maintain an open line of communication between your team and ours — so that we have all the tools to convey your message as if we’re a part of your brand.

Content Rhythm

Content is most beneficial to your brand’s marketing strategy when its good and consistent. To ensure your readers always have something fresh to read or watch, we establish monthly content rhythms. That means every month, we plan out what sort of pieces we will post on your behalf and what each piece will entail. This way, we can tune your content to fit with the rest of your monthly marketing strategy.


Along with emulating your brand’s voice and tone, we also invite you to get involved in the content creation process. That’s right, we don’t just create content on your behalf; we welcome your input!

Do you have an event coming up? Tell us, and we’ll write about it! Did your brand just win a prestigious industry award? Your audience should know about it! Keep us in the loop on what you’re up to so that we can build content around your latest accomplishments.

Collaboration doesn’t stop there, either. We’ll also accept content that you’ve been working on that you’d like for us to share with your audience. Just let us review it, add to it if necessary, apply a bit of polish, and we’ll post it onto your site and social for all to see.


Like every other component of your marketing strategy, our team will review the results of your content with you on a monthly basis. That way, you will have an understanding of the types of content that perform better than others with your audience. This analysis and review will also help our team better plan for future content pieces that we know your customers will want to read.

Is content marketing the only service you need?

You may have come to us seeking only Content Marketing, Social Media MarketingWebsite Design, or possibly another one of our services. You’ll soon discover, however, that we offer a more holistic approach to the content we build and the data we gather on your behalf. We care about quality, and we’re always willing to adapt our strategy to incorporate new information. We don’t separate content marketing research from the other factors that lead your business to success. We keep our eyes on the whole picture and continually bring you timely data translated into everyday language.

We pride ourselves on being a digital marketing agency for businesses that want to lead. With Seafoam, the latest chapter in your brand’s story is poised on the edge of our fingertips. We use all of the tools at our disposal to engage with your customers and feed their curiosity around your products, services, and industry.

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