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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) validates your business in a way your website simply can’t do alone. At Seafoam, we keep up with rapid changes in social media, factoring in how customers use various social platforms and how businesses can best capitalize on the reach of these programs.

Our social media marketing agency gives your brand a consistent voice across social networks. By creating ad campaigns, leveraging data analytics, and engaging with your target audience, we help you transform your customers into fans.

What you can expect with Seafoam

Eye-catching Social Media Profiles

Seafoam creates profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites that highlight your expertise and authenticity.

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Strategy

We collaboratively create a strategy that includes a consistent brand voice across the social media platforms that are right for you.

Curated Content

We become experts in your field and locate articles that your customers want to see and share.

Facebook Ads

Utilizing Meta Ads Manager, we create ads that target the customers you want to reach.

Blog and Event Promotion

Get guidance on blog posts or let us handle the writing. As your St. Louis social media marketing partners, we promote blogs and special events that keep your business in the lead.

Social Media Traffic Analysis

Social media marketing isn’t enough without strategic monitoring. We analyze data to find out what works best for your company.

Increased Brand Awareness

We get to know every part of your brand so we can communicate that culture and tone to customers.

At Seafoam, we use each social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, as it is intended to help you reach your target demographic.

When done incorrectly, social media just adds noise to an already crowded space of content. What makes sense on Twitter won’t necessarily make sense on LinkedIn. Our team understands the difference between social media platforms, and we position you strategically so your brand has a dynamic presence on the platforms that are right for you.

Our goal is to be your digital marketing partner, creating a brand voice that represents you exactly the way you want to be perceived by your customers. We know you care about your customers and the way they talk about you. Meet them where they hang out – online! – and engage them with content that will communicate your expertise and authenticity.

Define Your Brand’s Voice and Expand Your Reach

At Seafoam, we don’t do anything without a strategy in place. We plan and schedule social media posts every month in advance while also checking in with you regularly for up-to-date news and photos that showcase your company.

Get the people in your target audience talking with links that give your business authority. Let them know you’re their neighbors with photos and staff updates. When done strategically, Social Media Marketing can add a personal touch to your brand.

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