We love working here. And we think you will, too.

Writer (Full Time)

If you’ve ever dreamt of writing for a living, this might be the perfect job for you. Our writers take high level marketing and content strategies and implement them article by article and social post by social post. You will be the one bringing our clients’ brands to the public.


  • Love words, grammar, and story-telling.
  • Tend to find spelling and grammatical errors everywhere.
  • Enjoy getting into other people’s heads.
  • Love writing elegant, yet informative and useful pieces.
  • Should have at least 2 years of agency or freelance experience.
  • Manage your time well and can shift gears easily.

Client Success Manager (Full Time)

Do you love helping companies build marketing strategies? Do you have a constant need to reach Inbox Zero? Are you a good leader? Would you love a position that was part Project Management, part Account Management, and part Marketing Strategist? If so, you might just want to apply for this position.

Our Client Success Manager will have two core responsibilities:

  1. Helping to define marketing strategies for clients
  2. Day to day communications with clients and Seafoam team members


  • love talking with clients.
  • have a background in marketing.
  • have an internal need to reach Inbox Zero.
  • can think big picture.
  • are strategic.
  • are super organized and communicative.

Back End Developer (Full Time)

If you love solving problems and working puzzles, this might job be your dream job. We need someone who can drop what they’re doing and jump into a website to bug fix. We want you to be fast, thorough, and a perfectionist. If you’ve been told you care too much about the details, you get obsessed with fixing things, and you lose track of time when you’re working on a project, we want you. You’ll be in charge of making sure our clients’ websites are running smoothly, any custom development that needs done, and building the more technical components of websites or applications that require in depth server side development knowledge.


  • can do in 2 hours what takes most people 5 hours.
  • love solving problems.
  • should be able to take a design mockup and build a WordPress site out of it easily.
  • have a robust knowledge of major CMS’s like WordPress and Magento.
  • have detailed experience with WooCommerce.
  • can write a custom plugin for WordPress in your sleep.
  • don’t mind in-person meetings and phone calls.
  • are super organized and communicative.

Digital Marketing Expert (Full Time)

You might love this job if you generally enjoy using words like “build,” “analyze” and “optimize.” If the conversation turns to digital marketing strategy at a dinner party (weird party!), people have a hard time getting you to stop talking. You’re intrigued by delving into analytics to find the answers. You won’t stop analyzing an AdWords campaign until you hit your target CPA. Your brain thinks in terms of logistics, conversions and problem solving. You’d rather take a math test than write a short story. Basically, you’re in it to win it for your client …. you root out the problems, hunt down the solutions, and implement the fixes faster than you can say “cost per click.”


  • love solving problems.
  • love analytics, math, reporting, and analysis.
  • won’t stop until you hit your goals.
  • have at least a few years of experience in managing:
    • General digital marketing strategy
    • AdWords
    • Google Analytics reporting
    • Facebook advertising (ads and boosts)
    • Facebook reporting
    • SEO campaigns
    • Email marketing campaigns
  • can put yourself in others’ shoes and picture what they’ll do next.
  • don’t mind in-person meetings and phone calls with clients.
  • are super organized and communicative.