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Seafoam Helps 120-Year-Old Railroad Embrace Digital Transformation

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April 6, 2024 | Liz Oeltjen

Collage of railway scenes including a blue and yellow locomotive, workers repairing train tracks, and cutting metal with sparks flying.

When Alton & Southern Railway needed to bring their century-old brand into the digital age, they turned to Seafoam Media's marketing experts to get the job done.

As a vital transportation artery originating 48 trains and handling over 2100 cars per day in the busy Gateway Yard of St. Louis, Alton & Southern has a rich history dating back to 1910. But outdated branding, an unclear web presence, and inconsistent messaging was hindering the company's ability to communicate its evolution and strong value proposition to customers and prospects.

Seafoam Media tackled this challenge head-on through our comprehensive Brand Strategy Workshop methodology. By diving deep into Alton & Southern's business, industry, target audience and overall marketing approach, we developed the insights needed to craft an authentic, compelling brand voice and visual identity.

The results speak for themselves. Seafoam delivered:

  • A redesigned, reorganized website with intuitive user paths
  • Clear, concise website content aligned with the brand's identity
  • A defined core messaging strategy based on workshop findings
  • Fresh brand assets including logo, color palette, and typography
  • New photo and video assets to showcase the company's operations

Armed with this strong foundation, Alton & Southern is now well-positioned to tell its story and engage customers as a leader in rail freight transportation. With over 120 years of expertise, the company has a deep understanding of rail transportation and an impressive legacy. Seafoam helped them establish a powerful brand that captures who they are and will carry them forward.

By partnering with Seafoam Media, even the most established, traditional companies can embrace digital transformation to drive growth. Our proven process empowers organizations like Alton & Southern to own their unique strengths and connect with audiences in meaningful ways.

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