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Build a Brand Ambassador Army with the Power of Social Influence

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The success of your brand’s bottom line hinges on the engagement it receives online and beyond. To ensure your business is garnering maximum exposure, it is critical that your brand’s social media efforts are being liked, shared and commented on. The more interaction a single post can generate, the more times your post will show up in the feeds of potential consumers.
Here are some quick tips on how to transform your employees and customers into a brand ambassador army.

Employee Brand Ambassadors

Regardless of the number of employees you have on your team, each individual serves as an opportunity to spread the word of your brand’s goals, achievements and offerings. As experts of your company’s products and/or services, these individuals are the most reputable sources on how your brand positively impacts its customers. Encourage them to leverage their brand authority by initiating the following internal programs:

Social Awareness

Make sure your employees are aware of your brand’s social media efforts. Not only should your colleagues follow your brand on their favorite social media platforms, but you should also consider ways that you can alert your teammates of the latest content the moment it is posted. Examples include making sure new content is scheduled to go live at the same time each week or sending a company-wide message with a link to the new content directly after it has been posted.

Teammate Recognition

Your teammates love to be complimented on their dedication and hard work to your brand. If one of your colleague’s achievements is being celebrated in a piece of social content, spread the word throughout your team and encourage them to share their coworker’s success with their followers. Not only will this tactic build camaraderie amongst your teammates, but it also makes it more likely that these co-workers will continue to share each other’s achievements in the future.

Incentivize Social Sharing

Turn social sharing into a friendly competition! Create a monthly incentive program encouraging employees to share your brand’s content across their favorite social media channels. Announce that the teammate whose brand reposts garner the most engagement (likes, shares, comments) will receive a special incentive, such as extra vacation time, a small bonus, a casual dress day, etc. This program can restart on the first of every month to give employees renewed motivation to share your brand’s latest social messages.

Customer Brand Ambassadors

Unlike your teammates, current and prospective customers don’t know your brand on an internal level. The only connection they have to your company are the products and/or services you offer to them. Therefore, transforming the fans of your business into ambassadors may take some extra ingenuity, but it is possible by following these tips:

Provide a Great Customer Experience

Customers will remember the journey they take with your brand: the information they found while researching your products/services, how easy it was to purchase your products/services and even the support that was offered to them after they had become paying customers. Making your brand as accessible and helpful as possible will leave customers with a sense of satisfaction, making them more likely to share their positive experiences with their followers on social media and even in face-to-face conversations.

Launch a Referral Program

Loyal fans of your business are the bread and butter of your annual income. Reward their loyalty by launching a referral program for fans who convince their friends and family to buy your products/services; examples of rewards that could be paid out to these ambassadors include discounts on future products/services, gift cards and even cash.

Incentivize Social Sharing

Incentivizing social sharing doesn’t just work for cultivating employee brand ambassadors; you can also award customers who receive the most engagement for posts regarding your brand.

Consider launching a quarterly contest asking customers to express various elements of your brand, such as taking pictures with your products/services from various places around the world, expressing how your products/services have changed their lives, or even explaining why the customer originally decided to invest in your products/services. At the end of each quarter, the person with the most engagement for these posts will receive a gift from your brand: a new version of your products/services, a gift card, cash reward, branded clothing, etc.

Share Your Brand Ambassador Stories!

Have you already begun recruiting employees and customers into your brand ambassador army? We want to know which method(s) you used and the level of success these programs have generated! Share your stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Google+; we’ll even repost the best ones that pop across our feed.
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