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10 Ways to Make Your Call to Action Actually Call the User to Act

All too often, businesses think they have an effective call to action on their website only to find out that no one is actually acting on it.
Whether it's a button to get a free quote, a phone number for the user to call, or a form for your lead to fill out, your call to action should serve as a key factor in making your website work for you.
Here are 10 characteristics of a good call to action - how does yours stack up?

1.  Color

Your call to action should be colorful (unless, of course, your website is colorful.  A white call to action may stand out more then).

2.  Language

A good call to action both excites the user and explains what the action is calling you to do.

3.  Arrows

Arrows give users a sense of urgency and direction - both key components to the emotions involved in being called to action.

4.  Page Placement

Internet users skim content in F-shaped patterns from the top to the bottom of the page.  Your call to action should be at the end of part of that F so that the user has something to do once they've finished skimming your copy.

5.  Discounts or Coupons

Who doesn't want to explore the details of an exclusive coupon or discount?

6.  White Space

Similar to how arrows direct a user toward your call to action, white space allows the user's eye to focus on your button, form, or other form of a call to action.

7.  Size

Calls to action should be larger than the standard text on a website.  Keep in mind the above item, though; while the call to action should be larger, so should the white space around it.  Don't clutter up your page!

8.  Repetition

Calls to action don't just need to be on your homepage.  Find a place on every page of your website to put your call to action (since each page of your website should be pointing people there anyway, this shouldn't be too difficult).

9.  Depth

Make your call to action stand out a bit by adding a slight drop shadow or inner shadow to it.  Give depth to your page to help advance your users' eyes.

10.  Description

Every call to action needs a good description.  If the users don't know what they're being called to do or why they're being called to do it, they won't act.

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