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Content Doesn't Win. Optimized Content Wins.

August 10, 2011 | Nikki Bisel

"Content doesn't win.  Optimized content wins." - Li Evans
The old adage, "Content is king," is still used regularly in the digital media industry.  And it's true.  If your website doesn't have helpful, substantive content, there's no reason for anyone to visit it.  If your business isn't tweeting about relevant and interesting subjects, no one will pay attention.  If your company's Facebook page doesn't include meaningful interactions with your customers, no one will care.
But if those pieces of content aren't optimized, no one will find them in the first place or keep reading them thereafter.

What's So Different About Content Today?

Content is still king, but why doesn't it have as big an impact as many would like it to have?  What's changed and how can you get more people back to your website, your brochures, your Facebook page, and your newsletter?
The answer to those questions lies simply in how that content is created and conveyed.
Because search engines are getting smarter, Internet users are getting more savvy, and computers are increasingly mobile, your content, however substantive it may be, must be optimized for the people, devices, engines, databases, networks, feeds, and applications sorting through it.
No person or machine can possibly sort through and process every word of a six paragraph long corporate history in a reasonable amount of time (we're all in a hurry, remember?).  What they can do, though, is scan the headers, look for bold type, hone in on important keywords, click through to related links, follow a defined eye-flow on a page, and subscribe to certain areas of content via email or RSS.
These means of optimizing your content are just a few of the ways that we take content to the next level; we turn average website and brochure copy into high-ranking, interesting, scannable, and searchable content.

A Few of the Types of Content We Work On and the Ways in Which We Optimize Them

  • Website & Blog Copy: keyword optimization, appropriate headers, bold and italic when needed, lists, definitions, RSS and email feeds, alternate image text, internal linking algorithms
  • Social Media: relevant linking, sincere interactions, keyword optimization, friendliness, back-linking, cross-feeds, lists and industry networks
  • Print Copy: headers, font selection and spacing, bold and italics for emphasis, branding coordination and integration, outlining, layout
  • Email Newsletters: keyword optimization, internal and external linking strategies, landing pages, relevant information, integration with social media and email functions, hierarchy and layout
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