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Millennials Are Shifting Away From TV

The recent growth of online and mobile content isn't a secret. In fact, it's been well documented that mobile use […]

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Don't Underestimate The Power Of A Strong Meta Description

You're probably pretty familiar with how useful and beneficial meta tags can be when it comes to your site's rankings […]

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Email Marketing Strategies Are Evolving

Email marketing is a critical tool for most companies. It's an effective way to communicate directly to the customer and […]

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Seafoam Profile: Lindsay Grubbs

As the Director of Operations, for the past four years Lindsay Grubbs has been working as Seafoam's big picture guru. […]

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Does your web site make a positive first impression?

Your company's web site might be the first thing a consumer finds in their search to satisfy a need or […]

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10 Ways Google Analytics Can Help Your Company

As of 2012, over 10 million websites use Google Analytics to monitor their site's performance in the online world. If […]

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Are your marketing strategies outdated?

Marketing and digital media are constantly evolving. Strategies which would have been effective a few years ago might not perform […]

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White space in your business... I mean your website

Commentary by Nikki Bisel, Owner, Seafoam Media Have you ever visited a website that is so clean, so minimal, and […]

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Key #1 to Being a Successful Digital Media/Web Agency: Keeping Up with Technology Trends

I'm often asked how I'm sure that the 'prescription we write' for any given business that works with us is […]

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Do You Need a Native Mobile Application? Technology vs. Marketing

Paul Boag, a popular speaker in the web design industry, recently wrote an article for Smashing Magazine about the practicality […]

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a Part of the Whole

When you receive a proposal from most web agencies, you'll see an extra line for Search Engine Optimization.  You may […]

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Top 5 Things that Hurt Your Website's Search Engine Rankings

We know exactly what you asked for this holiday season... a quide to the Google Panda search algorithm update! Okay, […]

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