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Does Your Website Follow These Design Guidelines?

Does Your Website Follow These Design Guidelines?Think of your website as the welcome mat for your business. It may be the very first thing new customers see when they're exploring their options for a product or service. Is your site giving off a positive first impression or are users turned off by your site's layout and design?
Making a positive first impression is critical for a small or expanding business. You need to make sure that your website's layout and design are both functional and comfortable for the user. In order to do so, make sure you have the proper foundation when outlining your site's design. The Huffington Post provided a few helpful tips that your business should follow when it comes to your site's overall appearance.

Space Is A Good Thing

One of the most common mistakes a website can make is overcrowding. Too much information is packed into a relatively small space. Communicate your company's objectives and goals with space in mind. This means avoiding large blocks of text and using creative and fun infographics when possible. Too much text can overwhelm and confuse the reader. Try to summarize your points and present them in a fun, clear manner. Avoid clutter.

Size Is Important

Playing off the idea that space is a good thing, make sure that your information and pictures are sized appropriately. You don't want your pictures to dominate the page. Instead, they should enhance your content and the information you're providing. Don't use photos which are too small or ones that aren't sized correctly for your content.

Branding And Color Palettes 

You need to have a strong color scheme. This seems like an obvious statement, but you'd be surprised how many companies don't follow it. It's pretty easy to over do a color scheme. Stick with a few colors (ideally no more than three) and stick with them. If each page on your site has a new and unique scheme, visitors may have a hard time understanding and remembering your branding.


Don't underestimate the importance of a font. If you're a business or company dealing with important or serious issues, the fonts on your site should reflect that. If you're more informal, add a bit of creativity to your fonts. Regardless of which font you select, make sure your text is easy to read for a wide range of demographics.

Creative And Functional

The motto of this article is that your site should be creative and functional. Your site should take ideas from both ends of the creative/functional spectrum and avoid straying too far in either direction at risk of confusing or boring the user. Make use of headlines, spacing, colors and texts in a way that ties your branding and message together.
A strong site design and layout isn't an option. It's a necessity. If you think your current site isn't getting the job done, give Seafoam Media a shout. Whether you want a new site, a site redesign, a WordPress platform or a site built for e-commerce, Seafoam Media can help make your company shine.

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