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Email Marketing Strategies Are Evolving

October 1, 2013 | Nikki Bisel

Email Marketing Strategies Are EvolvingEmail marketing is a critical tool for most companies. It's an effective way to communicate directly to the customer and keep them informed of new products, offers or services. While the main principles behind email marketing have remained constant over the years, the way in which people consume media are forcing email marketing strategies to evolve.
A fun infographic from KISSmetrics outlines how email marketing is evolving and why companies need to adjust their strategies in order to keep pace.
We've already discussed that mobile usage is on the rise and your business should be taking notice in how it presents its website. This should apply to your email marketing strategy as well. A reported 2% of companies have an advanced email marketing strategy. If you're not in that 2%, you might be failing to get your message across to the consumer. It's easy to stick with the same strategy you've always had, but recent findings may cause you to change your mind.
If your email campaign doesn't have mobile users in mind there's a good chance they're not receiving your message. Studies suggest that 89% of consumers will delete an email they receive on their phone if it isn't designed for mobile users or if the message doesn't look good on their specific device. Approximately 27% will unsubscribe, severing the tie between your company and the consumer.
How can you make sure your message is pleasing to mobile users? Keep the design simple. Too many images or an overly complicated design may overwhelm the message and annoy the user. Make sure you state your message quickly and clearly. A user checking their email on their phone doesn't have the time to wade through a lengthy message. You need to make your point and move on. Catch the user's attention, deliver your message and let them carry on with their day.
Are you ready to advance your email marketing campaign and strategy? If so, Seafoam Media is willing to help. We understand how easy it can be to fall behind and how difficult it can be to tailor a new email marketing strategy designed to capitalize on the newest trends and latest technology. We can bring out the best in your next email campaign.

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