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Spread the word! Bring your content marketing strategy directly to your customers’ inboxes with smart email marketing solutions. Seafoam can help.

Although there are many new and flashy marketing avenues available to engage customers, email is still an extremely valuable way to spread your message — as long as it’s done the right way. An email campaign that is written well and designed for interaction isn’t only a valuable asset to your company; it’s a necessity that you can’t afford to pass up!

Why Choose Seafoam

It’s easy to send an email, but it takes a special blend of content, creativity, and clean design to keep readers coming back for more.

For many busy recipients, your email campaign has one shot to make a positive first impression. If your readers don’t find value in what you have to say, they have the legal right to hit the “unsubscribe” button and disappear from your contacts list forever.

That’s why our St. Louis email marketing company carefully crafts each email campaign with meticulous care to ensure your readers get the most out of what you have to say. We handle every phase of your email marketing strategy, such as designing each message with your branded look and feel, assembling content pieces from your website and third party avenues if necessary, gathering all applicable imagery, writing custom leads for each included story, packaging it all together, and sending it out to your list of email contacts.

A powerful email marketing strategy has the opportunity to reach your customers in a more personal way that your content can’t do on its own. The people on your email list belong to something special – like an exclusive gathering – where they can see news, info, and updates about your brand that they can’t get anywhere else. They get the “inside scoop” that anyone who isn’t on the list can see, and we want to ensure they stay there for months to come.

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Look at your inbox. Go ahead. How many emails have you received today? Did you open and read every single one of them? Maybe you only skimmed a handful of them? How many went straight to the trash?

When it comes to building and sending email campaigns, our team keeps one philosophy in mind: treat customers’ inboxes the way we would want our own to be treated. In other words, include only the absolute most important information in an easily skimmable package.

What you can expect with Seafoam Media:

Content Creation

Every good email marketing campaign needs quality ingredients. Seafoam has a dedicated team of content creators to curate, write out, and build your email campaigns from scratch.

Email Design

Regardless of the amount of content your email campaigns need to contain, our team strives for a clean and visually appealing design. That means providing select imagery to capture the audience’s attention, clear glanceable headlines that are easy to digest, and short leads for each story.

Every email campaign we send on your behalf will also be branded with your company’s colors and logo. To ensure your customers know your email campaigns are coming directly from you, our email software also designates one of your official company email addresses as the sending source.

Subject Lines

Yes, subject lines, the 65-character space where senders can write what their email is about. For all emails – especially email marketing campaigns – a subject line can be the deciding factor as to whether a customer opens the email or trashes it. When we create your brand’s campaigns, we ensure that each message leads with an interesting subject line geared toward maximizing open rates.

Analytical Reports

After your email marketing campaign has been sent, we actively track its progress and assemble the data into an easy-to-digest report. Information you will typically see on these reports include open rates, click through rates, unique number of recipients who opened your campaign, bounce data, and the percentage of recipients who unsubscribed from your email marketing mail list. These reports will also show which links within your email marketing campaigns performed better than other links, giving you and our team insight into what kinds of content your readers prefer.


All of the data we gather isn’t useful unless we discuss it, right? In your monthly meeting with the Seafoam team, we’ll sit down and review the results of your latest email marketing campaign. We’ll also take some time to plot out future content for your next email marketing campaign based on our data and any updates from your brand that you’d like for us to share.

Is email marketing the only service you need?

You may have come to us seeking only email marketing, St. Louis SEO services, St. Louis web design, or possibly another one of our services. You’ll soon discover, however, that we offer a more holistic approach to the email campaigns we build and the data we gather on your behalf. We care about quality, and we’re always willing to adapt our strategy to incorporate new information. We don’t separate email marketing from the other factors that lead your business to success. We keep our eyes on the whole picture and continually bring you timely data translated into everyday language.

We pride ourselves on being a digital marketing agency for businesses that want to lead. With Seafoam, every message we send to your customers is an opportunity to make a meaningful connection. Our St. Louis email marketing company uses all the tools at our disposal to engage with your customers and keep them in the loop on what’s most important to your brand.

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