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An Updated Look for Some Talented Teens

The St. Louis Teen Talent Competition (STLTTC), a platform under the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation (FOXPACF), underwent a transformative rebranding to establish itself as a distinct entity with a youthful and dynamic identity. The goal was to infuse vibrancy into the STLTTC's image while preserving a sense of gravitas, aligning with FOXPACF's dedication to fostering performing arts among the youth.

The Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation is dedicated to nurturing, promoting, and inspiring young people in the St. Louis area to explore and engage in the excitement and magic of live performances. Through specialized programs like the Teen Talent Competition, the Foundation creates distinctive educational opportunities in the performing arts for young artists.

A gold emblem featuring a star with the text "St. Louis Teen Talent Competition" in bold letters, framed by two smaller stars on the left and right sides. The background has a gradient effect with the top part appearing darker.
A diagram of a website wireframe on the left, including sections such as Home, About, Written Excerpts, Finalists, and Contact. On the right is a detailed mockup of a typography and color palette example sheet, featuring various font styles, sizes, and color swatches.

The Challenge 

The previous aesthetic of the STLTTC, characterized by maroon and gold tones, had become dated and failed to capture the youthful energy of the event. This resulted in an unengaging page on the FOXPACF site that did not effectively connect with the target audience of talented teenagers. The challenge was to create a bold, contemporary brand identity that would resonate with the youth while maintaining a connection to the rich heritage of the Fox Theatre.
A side-by-side comparison of two web pages for the "Teen Talent Competition." The "Before" design on the left is colorful, featuring a group photo and detailed descriptions. The "After" design on the right is modern, with a bold headline, a sleek black and red color scheme, and a simpler layout.

The Approach & Solution 

Our team drew inspiration from contemporary rebrands of various performing arts establishments, seeking balance between modern aesthetics and the inherent vibrancy of youth. The resulting stylescape featured bold colors, impactful imagery, screenprinted textures, and dynamic geometric shapes. Each of the four colors represented one of the talent categories—vocalists, dancers, instrumentalists, and specialty acts—while also paying homage to the Fox Theatre's resplendent ceiling decoration.
Four people are playing traditional African drums on a dimly lit stage. They are dressed in colorful, patterned shirts and are performing with intensity and focus. The background has a warm, hazy atmosphere with soft spotlights.
Six women stand in a row, posing confidently. They are dressed in a variety of stylish outfits, ranging from casual to more formal attire. The background features dramatic lighting with a reddish hue, adding a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere to the scene.
Dancers perform a traditional dance in colorful attire, using expressive hand movements and body postures. The background is dimly lit with warm lights, creating a dramatic effect. The dancers wear intricate costumes and jewelry, adding to the cultural ambiance.
A woman stands confidently in front of two bright circular lights with a dark, hazy background. She is wearing a black top and green pants, with one hand on her hip and the other raised near her face. She has long hair and a slight smile, exuding a sense of poise.
For the web design phase, Seafoam focused on creating an effortlessly navigable platform that provided essential information about the competition while imbuing participants with a sense of stardom. The team took cues from festival websites and indie record label artist pages to craft a design that prioritized clarity and accessibility. A standout feature was the "What to Expect" page with a tabbed interface, streamlining information for the different stages of the competition. Personalized competitor pages allowed each teen to feel like a star and provided shareable content for social media and college applications.

The Results 

The reimagined STLTTC brand and website were met with immediate approval from the FOXPACF board. The bold, youthful aesthetic successfully captured the energy and excitement of the competition while maintaining a connection to the Fox Theatre's heritage. The user-friendly website design empowered teenagers to easily access essential information and fostered a sense of pride and accomplishment among the participants.

By partnering with Seafoam, the St. Louis Teen Talent Competition now has a vibrant brand identity and online presence that effectively engages its target audience and positions the event as a premier platform for celebrating young talent in the performing arts.
A MacBook Pro laptop displaying a webpage for the "2025 Teen Talent Competition." The site features a header image with a dancer on stage, a call-to-action button labeled "Register Now," and information about registration. The top menu includes About, What to Expect, Finalists, News, and Contact.

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