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Does your web site make a positive first impression?

September 30, 2013 | Nikki Bisel

Your company's web site might be the first thing a consumer finds in their search to satisfy a need or a want. Is your site leaving a positive first impression or is it turning people away due to a poor layout, confusing navigation or mixed messaging? It's important to have a modern, trustworthy site which accurately shows off your company or brand in a positive light.
Whether your site specializes in e-commerce or is designed to inform potential buyers or clients, it's important that your page guides the user and portrays the values which represent your company. If one of your company's key values is professionalism and knowledge in a specific technical field, you'll have a difficult time convincing the consumer if your site looks like some sort of elementary school project. Don't lose the trust or focus of your users because your site is outdated or misbranded.
A large percentage of businesses (80% according to a report in The Guardian) are using outdated web site strategies and technology. The last thing you want customers to feel when they visit your page is that your brand is lagging behind the competition. What are the benefits of a strong web presence? The initial benefits (larger audience and more sales opportunities) are fairly obvious, but you can use your web presence to change and adjust your brand's image while relaying specific marketing objectives.
Seafoam Media can help take your web site from average to extraordinary. We can tweak and tailor your existing page so that it fortifies your company's presence in the digital world or we can build something brand new. We love the smell of a new site and we're sure you will too. From traditional sites, WordPress sites or e-commerce sites, Seafoam Media can enhance your web presence and simplify your site so that users are funneled towards the content you want them to see. We can transform your web site from a traditional experience into one both you and your customers will enjoy.

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