A good website is like the sturdy foundation for a new home. A well-built site provides the platform for all of your internet marketing endeavors in the future. When your site is built with speed, clarity, and intelligence, it can become the core of your marketing and communications efforts. Your website can stop being a necessary hassle and start being a real driver of new business.

With a clear focus on who your target demographics are, your site should be designed with end goals in mind. A good Call to Action guides a visitor down your preferred path-to-purchase. A solid and well-designed website gives you everything you need to produce a smooth sales funnel, from your customers finding you all the way down to making the sale.

  • Strategy

    Using your business and marketing objectives as a guide, we'll put together a site architecture and content outline to help guide our design efforts.

  • Design

    Using our Strategy deliverables as blueprints, we create a design mockup that will show you what your site will look like.

  • Development

    During the Development Phase, we'll build the fully functional website based off of the approved Design.

  • Testing

    After we build the site, we'll do full testing in all major desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.

  • Launch

    After we've received your final approval, we test and launch the website.

Web Design

An ideal St. Louis web design company will always start a new project out by discussing and exploring your target demographics. Websites should be designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind — Both of those components should be tailored to the types of people who will be using the site. Font size and style, coloring, imagery, content, and organization are all integral to building the perfect tool to help your company generate new business.

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Web Development

Web development, programming, coding … All different terms for how we turn our ideas into a functional website. The best web development companies will use modern CMSs (Content Management Systems) and frameworks, clean styles, and logical code. Why is all of this important? The better your web development company, the more healthy and sturdy your new website will be. That means it’ll last longer, load faster, and rank better on search engines.

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Website Maintenance

Your website is a living, breathing marketing machine. Website Maintenance ensures that you’re getting the most from your site. To keep your site as secure and quick as possible, we always recommend a regular maintenance plan. When you’re on a maintenance plan with us, we schedule manual testing and updates of all of their website software (to maintain high security). In addition, we also take care of updating the website with new content your company has so that everything stays up to date and cohesive.

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