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Online Content Can Help Grow Your Business

October 23, 2013 | Nikki Bisel

Online Content Can Help Grow Your BusinessOnline content should be one of the first avenues you explore if you're looking to market your company on the Internet. Why? Because online content can cross off several marketing objectives all in one convenient location. As seen in a post over on Duct Tape Marketing, online content can improve your brand image, credibility and SEO.
The belief is that by giving something back (information or advice) visitors are more likely to choose your company when they're selecting a product or service. Instead of just trying to sell to a visitor, give them something for their time. Potential customers are scouring the Internet trying to find solutions to their questions. You might as well provide the answer for them. By doing so, you'll have an opportunity to funnel users through your site and towards a potential conversion.
Brand image can be tricky to alter once one has been established. By producing regular online content, you can tailor your brand image to more closely fit your objectives. For instance, if you specialize in insurance, you can produce articles on insurance which demonstrate your mastery of the subject. By doing so, you'll establish that you're credible and you're willing to help.
Online content is easy for people to share. If you've created a useful resource on a certain topic, people are likely to share it and thus your brand may be exposed to new customers organically. If your social media accounts aren't achieving what you'd hope, consider producing strong online content with the hope that the quality of your work will lead people to share and discuss you on social media.
Finally, online content may also help your company's position inside search engines. Your site will have more content and more landing pages and you'll have the opportunity to link to other areas of your site within the content. If people share your content or link to it on their site, your company's position inside Google and other search engines should improve.
Content is king. Seafoam Media recognizes the important of a strong online content strategy in order to improve your site's presence in the online world and we're ready to help. Whether you need advice getting started or if you'd like to tinker with your current strategy, we're here for you.

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