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Internet Marketing 101 for Your Business

ChairIf you find that the internet marketing goals for your business are already off track this year then you are not alone. It's hard to break through the noise and have your business stand out among the crowd with great web traffic. However, it is possible to succeed and it begins with this primer on internet marketing 101 for your business.
Understand Your Brand
Business 2 Community contributor Amy Neeley believes that the first thing you have to do is understand your brand. She writes, "Before your company name appears in any kind of online marketing (or in traditional advertising, for that matter), you should have a solid knowledge of your company’s brand." Try to determine the personality of your brand. Once you understand your business' brand then you can translate that to your websites. Provide insight into your brand by writing about your company's history and giving an in depth look into the culture of your business.
Mobile Website
Creating a mobile website will also help your business tremendously with internet marketing because it allows customers to reach you on the go. If you are a local business, a recent survey in the Wall Street Journal states that 76 percent of mobile users use their smartphone to access information about a local store they want to visit. This means that potential customers are searching for your site on the go and the best way to reach them is through a mobile website that is optimized to their smartphones. Mobile websites make your content easier to read and can also provide clink-to-call links for potential sales.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is often overlooked but can greatly improve sales if done correctly. Using smart tactics to prevent your email from going straight to spam and writing eye-catching subject headers are a sure fire way to get your business noticed with email marketing. And if you correctly identify your target audience and write personal emails that not only go for the sale but inform, then your business is well on its way to making a splash this year.
Social Media
Social media is the final piece of the internet marketing puzzle. Don't spread yourself too thin by dumping content on different social medial outlets but rather try to master one aspect of the big outlets out there. Get the most out of Facebook by connecting with customers and using #hashtags to corner the conversation. Find the perfect balance of commerce and conversation on Twitter with a call and response system, or excel at Google+ by using Google hangout to your advantage. Whichever social media outlet you decide to use, just make sure you fully utilize its potential.

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