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3 Tips to Help Your Business Get The Most Out of Facebook in 2014

January 3, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

Facebook SmallBusinessAlthough primarily used as a tool to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, Facebook has proven to be a heavy hitter among advertisers. Taking the number 2 spot behind Google for selling ads in the U.S., Facebook can be a potential gold mine for your business but only if you know how to use it properly. So here are 3 tips to help your business get the most out of Facebook in 2014.
Connecting with Customers
First and foremost, Facebook was designed as a way to connect with the people and things that we love. This means that your Facebook account should be seen as a "two-way street" between you and your customers. Connecting is the key. Don't just post random ads but start a conversation. Let your customers know your story by posting pictures and providing information that gives insight into the inner-workings of your business. Connect with those who love your company by investing in your Facebook page and watch your investment return twofold.

Marketing by Targeting
Kelly Cooper, Marketing Manager at ShopIgniter, explains that Facebook allows companies to advertise in three different ways: Precise Interest, Facebook Categories and Partner Categories. Precise Interest allows companies to target groups of audiences by specific terms on their timeline. Facebook Categories display ads to people who have shared specific terms on their timeline that relate to a more general interest. For example, targeting a group using precise interest marketing could reach people looking for insurance in St. Louis, whereas Facebook categories could target all people looking for life insurance.  Partner Categories use third party data taken from Facebook activity to figure out purchase behaviors and display the ads on a person's timeline. No matter which method you choose, the main goal is to reach those who wouldn't normally find your business.

Don't Forget to #Hashtag
Although most people think hashtags are only for Twitter and Tumblr, Facebook actually started using the system this summer. This means that your company can always be in the conversation by properly using hashtags on certain posts. Hashtags work by grouping terms under the same umbrella into a single stream dashboard post.  Follow the trends to see what people are talking about and confidently insert yourself into the conversation if the hashtag fits within your company's framework.

Follow these steps and you will get the most out of Facebook in the new year.
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