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Boost Your Web Traffic in 3 Easy Steps

TrafficSo you've set up a great website for your business but are coming to the realization that web traffic isn't coming in as fast as you would like. The best websites often go unnoticed for many reasons and one of the most important reasons is that the company fails to grasp the importance of internet marketing. We've put together three easy steps to boost your web traffic and get your business noticed.
Create Eye Catching Titles
It's true you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, however most people judge blog posts by their titles. In the Internet world, no one has time to browse through webpages, so they decided what they want to click on by judging it's appearance and title.  A great catchy title could make the difference between getting pasted over during a Google search or getting a conversion. Try to write about the benefits of your services in your titles. The more benefits the better. On average, you have about 5 seconds to captivate your audience attention and get them to click on you page. Clicks often lead to business so you have to draw in customers right away with your title. Use short titles that have your keywords placed in the beginning of them for additional hits.
Speaking of keywords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most obvious way to boast web traffic because it's how most customers find your website. Red Revolution defines SEO as, "the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering." SEO should be taken seriously from the very beginning because essentially you're building your little corner of the internet. Create compelling content and use keywords that are unique to your business to drive web traffic to your site.
Don't Forget about Long Tail Keywords
Along with keywords, you should also start using long tail keywords in your site as well. David Wallace writes on Small Business Trends that, "research suggests that long tail keywords are easier to rank for, bring in more combined traffic, and convert more visitors to customers than the more popular 'generic' keywords.Long tail keywords are created by adding words on to keywords that are used to find your business' website. Search for different variations of the keywords that customers use when looking for your website and sprinkle those long tail keywords throughout your postings to boost web traffic. For example, if you're a Chicago based company that customizes garages, instead of using "customize garage" as a keyword, try using "customize garage in Chicago" or "customize garage for more space."

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