1 – Strategy

Analyze, investigate, guide.
Create a vision and plan.

2 – Foundation

Build your marketing
solution and foundation.

3 – 90 Day Rhythms

Perform, measure and
optimize every 90 days.

Internet Marketing is the engine that drives your website. A site that your potential customers can’t find is like a billboard on a highway that no one drives on. We’ve perfected a system that combines creativity and ‘outside the box’ thinking with data and analytics so that we can both inspire conversation about your brand as well as strategize, analyze, and track your sales process through the entirety of the sales funnel.

The most important thing to remember as you’re putting together your internet marketing plan is that SEO, PPC and Advertising, Social Media, and Email all have to work together to promote your company and your website. These are the tools we use to make your online presence a selling machine for you. If you’re missing a gear, the whole machine can break down. Our job is build your machine and make sure it runs smoothly and effectively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A good SEO company doesn’t just focus on website rankings; they take a holistic approach to generating quality traffic to your website. Nowadays, when we use the term “SEO,” we’re talking about generating brand awareness and visibility online. With an approach that accounts for organic rankings, paid ads, conversions, and Click Through Rates (CTR) from search engines, you’re getting a well-rounded strategy that emphasizes quality traffic from search engines.

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Social Media Management

When you hire a company to do your social media, you’re inviting them into your organization in a new and exciting way. Social media can be the perfect conversation place between you and your customers. Generating brand awareness and name recognition comes from promoting unique, quality content and engaging with your customers in a meaningful and personal way. (And, hey, the referral traffic to your website, benefits to SEO, and increased customer conversion rate don’t hurt either!)

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PPC & Online Advertising

PPC, Google AdWords, Social Media Advertising, and other forms of Paid Advertising can be a great way to quickly and efficiently generate traffic to your website (or social presence). Specifically, AdWords PPC combined with SEO can be a powerful longterm option for most companies. Online advertising lets us target very specific segments of demographics so that we can get your company in front of the most qualified leads.

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Conversion Optimization

Getting traffic to your website is great, but if those visitors aren’t converting into real, paying customers for you, we need to focus on smoothing out that last section of the “sales funnel” for you. Conversion Optimization is the process of making a website more engaging, easier to use and navigate, and more concentrated on helping the visitor down a solid path-to-purchase. Essentially, conversion optimization turns visitors into customers.

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Email Marketing

What’s the best way to stay in touch with existing customers? Email marketing can be a surprisingly cost-effective way to get repeat business! In fact, we even use business automation tools to tie email marketing into new customer generation. We use email to drive custom, automated workflows that get your leads’ contact information, send them helpful emails, and even let you know when they’re ready to purchase!

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