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Is your business struggling to stand out from the competition online? Learn what we can do together to increase the reach of your brand with Seafoam’s SEO services.

Your website should be the trusted standard in your industry — the voice of authority in a crowded online space. As one of the premier St. Louis SEO companies, we work with a variety of businesses – B2B, B2C, eCommerce, and more – that all strive to be at the top of their game, and at the top of Google.

Why Choose Seafoam

Because your digital marketing strategy should be built around your customers.

Seafoam does not look at SEO as an algorithm you need to hack, but as a guide to what your customers really want. Search Engine Optimization, when done well, elevates your brand by answering your audience’s core questions and effectively showing them why you’re the best choice.

Our St. Louis SEO company specializes in several core areas of SEO including site speed analysis and optimization, keyword research, technical SEO, link building, local search, and content strategy. We take a holistic approach and strictly keep it white-hat (no devious or unethical tactics).

SEO is as the heart of what we do for many of our partners. By building a strong foundation here, we’re able to amplify efforts in other areas of your marketing stack like social media, PPC, and quality content creation.


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At Seafoam Media, we partner with you to provide timely and usable search engine optimization (SEO) that keeps your brand positioned near the top of online search rankings. The more highly-ranked a website is, the more customers it will attract. Luckily, when it comes to SEO, we speak “web” as well as we speak marketing. Our St. Louis SEO team dives deep into analytics, keeps current on the latest search engine algorithms, and helps you grow your business with profitable online exposure.

What you can expect with Seafoam Media:

Organic SEO

Increase your ranking and visibility in an online search with Seafoam Media. We monitor ranking factors, research the ins and outs of search engine algorithms, and make the most of SEO tools to increase the number of relevant visits to your site.

Local SEO

Be seen when people search for your local services online. We will help your company garner local reviews, perform reputation management, and make sure your business is updated on important listing sites to make sure local leads can find you.

Keyword research and analysis

We select the best keywords and analyze their impact across the web to drive more traffic to your business. We care about consistency and quality, and we collaborate with our content creators to optimize every page of your website.

Analytics that Drive Decision-Making

We monitor search volume to maximize your competitiveness online. We also keep a close eye on bounce rates so we can make adjustments to your site when necessary.


Finally, we optimize backlinks to your site, using “white hat” tactics to give your brand more authority and make it more competitive. We abide by Google’s standards, and we know what it takes to make your brand stand out.

SEO-Informed Content

We create intelligent content that works in tandem with SEO analytics to make your site purposeful, functional, and search-friendly.

If you’re not utilizing SEO to drive traffic to your website, it’s time to start! Our SEO experts provide in-depth reporting and analysis so you’ll not only know where you stand – you’ll know where to go next.

Is SEO the only service you need?

You may have come to us seeking only SEO or only an updated website. You’ll soon discover, however, that we offer a more holistic approach to the websites we design and the web analytics data we gather on your behalf. We care about quality, and we’re always willing to adapt our strategy to incorporate new information. We don’t separate SEO research from the other factors that lead your business to success. We keep our eyes on the whole picture and continually bring you timely data translated into everyday language.

We pride ourselves on being a digital marketing agency for businesses that want to lead. With Seafoam, you won’t have to seek out new customers; you’ll be uniquely positioned so that new customers will find you. Our St. Louis SEO company uses all the tools at our disposal to optimize your prominence and relevance and keep your business at the vanguard of online search rankings.

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