Profile of Matt Lodge - Digital Marketing Analyst

Matt Lodge: Digital Marketing Analyst


I am a Digital Marketing Analyst at Seafoam Media. It’s my job to convert measurable data into actionable results for our clients.


I want to ensure that our clients have every advantage possible in a competitive digital landscape. My mission is to use data-driven approaches to create a seamless marketing plan that grabs customers, no matter how they’re searching or browsing.


I’ve always loved solving problems. Diving into data and numbers to find ways to move the needle for our clients creates unique challenges and gives me the opportunity to find new solutions to age-old problems.


Prior to joining Seafoam Media, I worked at a direct marketing agency in New York City for 4 years. I learned classic methods for reaching customers and growing brands.

I also worked for the largest online chess website,, for 4 years. I worked extensively on growing our online presence along with managing our analytics for our streaming video content.


I play a lot of chess, despite being deeply mediocre at it. I’m in a bowling league, despite being deeply mediocre at that, as well. I love spending time with my fiance and my dog, which I am fantastic at.

Lauren Kruczyk: Client Success Manager


I build & maintain relationships with my clients while keeping the team organized and timely with their tasks. I make sure my clients are well taken care of and are always "surprised and delighted" by my team. 


To maintain a graceful and professional presence while going above and beyond to both make clients happy and collaborate with the team in a positive manner. Basically, to be awesome at my job and continue learning throughout this journey I have been lucky to embark upon.


I love interacting with people, understanding the dynamics between clients' and Seafoam's ultimate goals, and managing team tasks so that we are all working together to adhere to the philosophies set in place by Seafoam. I want to be the bridge that helps lead everyone safely to the other side. :-)


I have experience in digital marketing, content writing, coding, and client relations. I believe my plethora of experience is vital in working to be a successful and vital addition to my clients' teams.


I spend time with my puppy Piper, Roku & chill, cook spicy things, write "stuff," read memoirs, watch horror movies, hike when I am lucky enough to be in the mountains, travel (ultimate goal: Machu Picchu in 1 year + Belize!), and enjoy being an "amateur photographer."

Rachel Sipes

Rachel Sipes: Digital Marketing Analyst


I am one our team's Digital Marketing Analysts! I love digging into the numbers and watching my hard work in PPC and SEO pay off for our clients.


To learn and test.  I want to learn as much about the digital space as possible so I can become a better strategist, analyst, and business partner.  I want to know more about your business and tell you what I know will help you achieve your goals.


The media industry is ever changing.  Something new is being rolled out everyday; something that could help my clients soar.


I started my career 4 years ago in paid media and have been learning about new trends and methods ever since!


I'm excited to work for a company who has a relaxed, trusting, hungry, and dedicated atmosphere.


I love to re-watch my favorite tv shows.  Sometimes while I do this, you will find me tapping into my creative side with some acrylic paints or mimicking some drawings on sketchpad.

Three Ways to Maximize Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Budget

By Seafoam Media
Industry Insights

image of stacked handsSeveral weeks ago, we discussed the do’s and don’ts of nonprofit marketing strategies. This week, we’re diving back into the world of nonprofits to discuss how you can make the most of your marketing funds.

Nonprofit Funding and Budgets

When it comes to fueling a marketing strategy, maintaining the proper budget is key to maintenance and growth.
This can be particularly difficult with nonprofit organizations. Since their funding typically comes from donors and fundraising events, nonprofits don’t have the cash-flow that larger brands rely on. Therefore, maximizing spending is critical to a nonprofit’s marketing success.
Here are some tips for your nonprofit to consider as you map out your marketing budget.

How to Build a Friendly Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

1. Simplify your strategy.

Marketing can be a complex beast to tame. There are many facets involved in online success; we often talk about the main four pillars with our clients: content, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and website design/development.
This is just the beginning, though. Within each of these pillars, there are more, potentially expensive, pieces to consider, such as the types of content you want to create, which social platforms your nonprofit belongs on, the extent of your SEO, and the depth of your website’s design and functionality.
If your nonprofit is strapped for cash, you probably don’t have the funds to tackle the high end of each of the marketing pillars, but you should at least have the basics:

  • Build a Weekly Blog: Not only does a blog serve as a great way to showcase your knowledge and mission, it’s also a great way to highlight the work your nonprofit is doing in its community and why.
  • Get Social: Your nonprofit only needs to be consistently present on the social media platforms that will help it get involved in its community. Since no platforms do community engagement quite as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, these are the main three your nonprofit should likely target.
  • Put Your Website on a Diet: Your website doesn’t need a ton of information and menus to be effective; in fact, oftentimes, too much information can clutter the user experience. Your website should contain the right information users are looking for and present it in a minimalistic way to increase engagement.
  • Weave SEO into Everything: As long as you make SEO a part of everything you do online for your brand, you will be placing your nonprofit on the correct path to success. This means making sure your website and blog are keyword optimized. Consider boosting specific social media posts that could be most effective in your community. And finally, make sure your community knows who and where you are by claiming your location on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, etc.

2. Get creative!

Marketing doesn’t always have to cost money; sometimes, it just takes a bit of precious, valuable time.
You can put the word out about your nonprofit by doing things such as:

  • Getting involved in your community via social gatherings, volunteer events, etc.
  • Participate in weekly or monthly social media chat groups revolving around your mission.
  • Partner up with another complimenting nonprofit or even a competing nonprofit to help spread your mission and purpose.
  • Throw fundraisers or charity events to raise awareness for the cause your nonprofit supports.
  • And more! Don’t be afraid to get involved in local programs that have nothing to do with your brand’s mission; the public will see that your nonprofit is actively participating in its community and will be more likely to turn to you if and when they need your services later on.

3. Team up with a local marketing agency.

Who is better qualified to run your nonprofit’s marketing strategy than an agency whose mission is to help brands succeed online?
With the Seafoam Marketing Challenge, our agency was lucky to find willing participants to help us launch the first round of our new program. And now, as a result of Seafoam and MRH working together, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) St. Louis will receive a free marketing strategy that they otherwise would not have had.
You never know what unconventional opportunities are available to your nonprofit until you go looking for them — or until the right moment presents itself to you.

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