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Three Cs to make your website stand out

Three Cs to make your website stand outThe internet is constantly evolving. So many websites are springing up everyday that it can be a little overwhelming for those looking to find your business online. How can you stand out in a barrage of websites that all offer the same services as you do? Well, follow these 3 Cs and watch your webpage emerge front and center from the sea of competition.
Creativity, Content, and Channels.


First and foremost, creativity is key. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and this is exactly the idea you should have in mind when designing a website. You can provide the best service in the industry but a flat website can only hurt your chances of securing new business. Think colors, font, pictures, and borders. Remember, when it comes to the internet, “Image is everything,” and a site that is interactive often translates to possible sales.


Content is probably the most important part of building a well received website but it has to come after creativity because you have to get the customer to stop and look at your page first. Once that happens, the only thing that's going to keep them there is great content. Copywriting is the content that pulls the reader into your website, which captivates them into finding out more about your products. Having the ability to persuasively write about your services in a friendly inviting tone is a sure fire way to generate business in any context.


And finally, having a web presence in other channels such as social media outlets shows customers that you are not only tech savvy but offer many ways for them to stay connected to your business. Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube videos all have the ability to provide tremendous insight into your company that goes beyond the pages of your website. Do not neglect these outlets because they have more power than you realize.
Follow these 3Cs and you are well on your way to building a great website that can help your business soar. If you want to know more, contact Seafoam Media.

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