What to Focus on When You’re Building a New Website

In Design, Development

What-to-Focus-on-When-You’re-Building-a-New-WebsiteYou have a great product which provides a wonderful service but for some reason you’re having trouble finding success on the internet. Whether you’re starting a new page or looking for tips to improve your old site, here’s a guide to help you build a great website.

The layout should be clean and organized

Try to put a lot of effort into designing the layout. You don’t want your company’s website to just be a collection of text and minimal pictures with no direction. Instead, you want it to be user friendly with specific tabs and pages that guide the reader to their next destination. The purpose of your website is to not only sell your product but to engage your reader so keep this in mind while you are designing your layout.

Content needs to be explanatory but not boring

Try to engage your readers from the first moment they set eyes on your website with great copy and original content. It takes a great deal of effort but the payoff is well worth the effort when you see the web traffic coming in.

Each page and post should be easy to share online

Make sure you give your readers/customers a way to share your content. Whether it’s a button at the bottom of the page or a link at the end of a paragraph, creating an easy way to spread your message is a good way to give your company more exposure.

Your site needs to be compatible with mobile devices

Since most people will probably view your website on their cellphone, it’s a good ideal to make your site mobile compatible. You have to target your audience where they are and most of them are browsing on their phones this very minute.

Make sure your landing pages are pulling people in

The landing page is the first thing people see when they log into your site. From pictures and fonts, to color and copy, this is basically where it all has to come together. Spend the most time on this because as the saying goes “You never get a second change to make a first impression.”

Follow these steps and you are well on your way to building a great website for your business.