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5 Reasons Why Mobile Websites Are So Important For Your Business

5 Reasons Why Mobile Websites Are So Important For Your BusinessWe all remember the early days of mobile web browsing. Yahoo was one of the first to embrace the new technology but the site was a shell of its desktop counterpart. It was basically a screen with a few words on it. No pictures. No videos. Just text and links.  In fact, the mobile web was nothing but a scaled down version that was only good for finding out the weather and checking movie times. I knew eventually our cell phones would catch up to our desktops but I never imagined that I would spend more time on my phone web browsing than my actual computer.
Fast forward ten years later and now mobile websites are more important than ever. Here are 5 reasons why optimizing your site with mobile capabilities are important for your business:

1) SEO Purposes

Small Business Trends recently published an article explaining how big of a role mobile SEO can actually play in the success of your business.  Vedran Tomic actually states, "By failing to create content that is optimized for mobile, your Web presence effectively falls behind others who are working to get their content recognized by search engines like Google." Just think of a mobile website as another opportunity to connect with your customers.  Put as much effort into the site as you do with your desktop webpage.

2) User Experience

It's very difficult to read a webpage that's not optimized for mobile reading. Shifting pages or enlarging small text, can become very tiresome to most people so make it as easy as possible for them to view your content. And since most people spend more time on their phones than their desktops, why not enhance the users' experience of the media they're more likely to use?

3) Aesthetics

I love the feeling of typing in an address on my mobile browsing and seeing a different site from my desktop. It's sort of like discovering a new world. The clean aesthetic of a mobile website can actually be a nice departure from the cluttered sensory overload of a desktop site. Bigger is not always better. Keep it simple.

4) Easy to Share Content

Once you have a great mobile site, it becomes much easier for people to share your content. Just as Facebook and YouTube have mobile versions of their sites that make it a breeze to share and view content, your website should be viewed the same way.

5) Tech Savvy

And finally, having a mobile site tells future clients that you not only care about their user experience, but you take great pride in your business. Show off your internet prowess by displaying a great mobile website that compliments the desktop version. You'll be surprise how big these little things can seem to a customer.
If you haven't given your mobile website any attention in the past, now is the time to get started.

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