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Seafoam Profile: Nikki Bisel

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Who created Seafoam Media? Who's the mastermind behind the services we provide to our customer? Meet Nikki Bisel, Owner and Director at Seafoam Media. For the past few years Nikki has helped cultivate Seafoam Media into what is today. She continuously works to find ways to grow the company and expand the services we provide. Here's a little about Nikki:
If you could have any super power what would it be?
I’d probably want to be able to fly - I’ve always thought it would be beneficial to be able to see how tiny we all look from above.  It’d be a nice reminder to put things into perspective every now and then.
What are you most passionate about professionally?
I love to help businesses truly utilize technology. Too often, we use technology for technology’s sake. It’s exciting for me when I can help a company let technology melt into its gaps so that tech can do the work that people can’t do, are bored by doing, or need help accomplishing.
What apps, software or tools can't you live without? 
This list could go on forever…
Personal: Evernote because the syncing is flawless between my devices. Mint because it centralizes all of my personal finances. Spotify because $10/month for a world of music is just too good to be true.
Professional: Teambox lets the Seafoam team collaborate on all of projects remotely. Skype lets us chat from anywhere, anytime (including on our phones!). Freshbooks for invoicing - it’s the best out there. Xero for accounting because their integrations are great. Zendesk for support tickets - It’s helped us reduce our client response time to less than 30 minutes.
Again, I could go on but the list would get really long, really quickly.
What do you like to do on your free time?
I tend to gravitate toward parks and coffee shops in my free time. I’ve been known to binge on both a good book or a TV series (but never at the same time - I try to dedicate my energy to one piece of fiction at a time).
What do you like most about working remotely?
Remote work let’s me call anywhere an office. I can have a meeting over lunch, in a warehouse, or on a computer. Timing is the other major benefit. I can work when I’m feeling most productive.
What does your workspace look like?
Some times I like to work from home and sometimes I like to work anywhere with a table and coffee. Saint Louis has a lot of great places to work and to meet clients. It's great when you can make your office any place where your productivity can flourish. Here is a picture of what my office looks like at home. 
Nikki's Office

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