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How to Make a Great Mobile App

Mobile AppAlong with having a mobile version of your website, your business could really benefit from having a mobile app. Although on the surface, a mobile version of your website and an app have a lot in common, the major difference an app can provide is a more user friendly and straightforward experience for your customers. If you're thinking about developing one for your business, here's a few tips on what makes a great mobile app.
In his slide share presentation, Nick Watt suggests that a great mobile app "plays to the strengths of mobile.” Specifically, Watt's believes that great mobile apps should consist of the following: communications, spontaneous, geo-sensitive, short periods of use and focused activity. Mobile apps should be straightforward and get the message across in a clean and fast manner. Your app should anticipate the needs of your customers and present them in a fun and unique way.
Your mobile app should reward customers by offering different ways for them to save money.  For example, if a customer downloads your mobile app, then they will be rewarded with a coupon code for a percentage off their next service. One goal of the mobile app is to provide a unique experience from the mobile website and rewarding a customer for the download is always welcomed.
You should also invite customers to allow push notifications from your mobile app. Push notifications are a great way to keep customers engaged because it informs them of new features or services that your business offers. Also, it can remind customers of appointments by directly placing them on their mobile calendars. However, don't forget to allow users to easily opt-out of notifications. Too many notifications can possibility annoy a customer to the point where they uninstall your mobile app.

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