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Mobile Websites are a Good Investment for Business

MobileIf your business does not have a mobile website, you're missing out on potential readers, customers and sales.  A website that's not optimized for mobile usage will often get passed over due to the customer's inability to read the site content on the go. Having a website and opening a social media account is just not enough these days; your business has to have a mobile website in order to take full advantage of internet marketing and what technology has to offer. Investing in a mobile website is a great investment for your business and here are 3 reasons why.
Easy to Connect
Ron Johnson writes in Business 2 Community that "mobile websites make it easy for visitors to get in touch. Users are already on a mobile phone in many cases, and one simple tap can connect them to your company." Mobile websites are often optimized with call links which makes it really easy for customers to contact your business.
Built for Speed
Mobile websites are designed to condense the contents of your website into a nice user friendly version that fits in the palm of your hand. This means that mobile websites load a lot faster than its desktop counterparts. Most people who view mobile websites are on the go so they don't have time to wait for your website to load. Having a mobile website makes sure customers have access to your website whenever they need it.
Easy to Read
The most important aspect of having a mobile website is the fact that it makes your content easier to read. Your business' copywriting can be a few steps above your competition but nobody will know if they can't read it on their phones. Marketingland suggests that "some may have a hard time scrolling through thousands of words, so it’s best to showcase text-based content that can be easily read from even the smallest of screens." Therefore, they suggest that your business should utilize bullets, numbered lists and bold headings to make it easier for visitors to scan text. This is good advice, not only for mobile websites but for desktop websites as well.

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