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3 Tips For Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing Online Marketing comes in many forms these days. From setting up mobile websites to social media marketing, everyone is scrambling to find the best way to get their business noticed. However, one form of online marketing that is often left out of the conversation is email marketing.
A study by consulting firm McKinsey and Co. recently revealed that email marketing is 40 times more successful than Facebook and Twitter marketing combined. Additionally, the rate at which emails prompt purchases is estimated to be at least three times that of social media, and the average order value is 17 percent higher. This all stems from the fact that 91% of US consumers use email everyday. So if you want your business to be successful at email marketing, here are 3 tips to help you along the way.
Identify Your Target Audience 
Before you begin email marketing, you have to identify your target audience for your business. Is your target audience someone who never tried your product? Is you target audience loyal followers of your brand? Narrow your objectives in order to make your email marketing clear and precise.
Get Personal
It's no secret that the emails are personal ones. The joy of reading an email from someone who knows you inside out is a feeling that you should try to capture in email marketing. This is done by doing your research on your target audience and hitting the keywords that spark their interest. Also, another way to write a personal email to not always try to sell your business. Instead, build trust by writing informative emails about benefits rather than services.
Create exciting subject lines
Finally, both tips are helpful but a customer won't even open your email unless the subject lines are creative and exciting. These type of subject lines often comes in the form of "5 tips to ..." or "A new way to..." What these both have in common are the element of surprise. Entice readers with catching titles titles, then reward them with good copywriting that captures their attention short headlines and useful information.
Have you thought of what catchy subject line you are going to use for your next email?

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