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4 Tips to Choose the Right Social Media Outlets

January 27, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

socialmediaAlthough it's recommended that all businesses should participate in social media on some form, most companies spread themselves too thin when it comes to online marketing. Marketing across different social media outlets is a great idea but the danger lies when your company signs up for many different platforms and doesn't master any of them.  So here's 4 tips to help your business choose the right social media outlet and excel at it.
All companies should have a Facebook page. Facebook provides a great place to post information about your company in a casual manner. Use Facebook to allow your customers to get to know who you are and what you stand for as a business. Your company doesn't have to overtly advertise on Facebook but posting pictures and sharing information about yourself can build a great context for your business which in turn can lead to more customers.
Twitter is also a great way for your company to communicate with the masses. And once again, it doesn't have to be all about promoting your brand. The character limits on Twitter forces you to be creative in as few words as possible. You may be thinking this is a daunting task but consider it a challenge. Twitter is great to get your news out fast. Finding a great balance between commerce and communication is the most effective way to excel at Twitter. And, don't forget to use those hashtags.
Not every company needs a YouTube channel. If your company has a great portfolio of commercials or an interesting concept for instructional videos about your business then a YouTube channel may be right for your business. Assess if your business has really good videos to share. If not, skip YouTube and concentrate on other social media platforms.
Instagram and Pinterest 
Instagram and Pinterest are good ways to add texture to your business. If your brand promotes a lifestyle then Pinterest is a good social media tool. Pinterest lets companies curate images that best reflect your company and gives customers an overall sense of who you are. Wired magazine also just named Pinterest as more popular than email for sharing content online. Instagram can serve the same purpose as Pinterest (helping you connect with clients), but it shouldn't be seen as a dumping ground for pictures. Both Instagram and Pinterest accounts should be highly curated if used at all.

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