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Do the Rewards of Mobile Advertising Outweigh The Risks?

January 24, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

MobileIn these current times, one of the sure ways to reach a customer is through mobile advertising. No longer used as only a way to make calls on the go, mobile phones are now mini computers with the power to surf the web, send emails, shop, watch and record video, and much more. The fact that phones are rarely hands-length away at all times makes it the perfect medium for advertising with many rewards but it does come with a price. Here are a few of the risks that come with mobile advertising.
Diana Robbins recently wrote an article in Business 2 Community listing a few challenges for mobile advertising. The first one she mentioned was the lack of real estate on mobile screens as a big challenge for advertising. Although mobile screens are getting bigger, they're still quite small enough to lead to some advertisements being clicked by accident. For some, this may not be a problem because it's all about the "clicks" but it can pose a problem for the customer who forever connects your product to the banner that unwillingly popped-up on the screen.
Another issue is privacy. Most people are so attached to their mobile phones that it's seen as an extension of themselves. This means that mobile phones are often equated with privacy. From telemarketer to mobile pop-up ads, the consensus to a lot of consumers is that advertising on their mobile phones is an invasion of privacy. Phones are often seen as sacred places so people often become upset when mobile advertising pops up on their screen without provocation.
However, mobile advertising is here to stay and it's very effective. Mobile advertising rewards companies by proving direct contact with their target audience at the time of their choosing. The more time people spend on their mobile phones and social media networks, the more they share information about themselves. Advertising has to meet consumers where they are, and in this day and age, most consumers are on their mobile phones.

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