Mobile Coupons May Be More Effective Than Print Ads

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Mobile Coupons May Be More Effective Than Print AdsRetailers and small business owners are shifting their attention to mobile devices as consumers gravitate away from print advertisements. While it’s quickly becoming common knowledge that consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices than on other forms of media, the effectiveness of mobile ads has been debated. A recent study on Business Insider details that mobile coupons are proving to be much more effective than print ads.
The study found that coupons on mobile devices had a redemption rate of 30%. By comparison, the same promotion ran simultaneously in print ads and saw a redemption rate of less than 1%. While the study had a fairly small sample size, it demonstrates just how effective mobile promotions and coupons can be when done correctly.
Mobile ads may have a smaller reach depending on where you place them, but they carry a larger return on your investment. When it comes to coupons, it’s time to think beyond the newspaper. While the traditional avenue of coupons can delivery results, more and more consumers are looking for deals online with their mobile device. A targeted mobile coupon campaign won’t only lift your company’s numbers, it’ll also boost overall awareness and allow you to target customers at the point of purchase.
If you’re looking to dive into mobile advertising, contact Seafoam Media. We want to help expose your company to a new audience and get the largest return as possible on your next promotion. Consumers are moving to mobile. Are you?

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