Pinterest Could Boost Your Numbers

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Pinterest Could Boost Your NumbersThe debate over the effectiveness of various social media platforms has raged on for years. As each platform rises in popularity, businesses question whether or not they will see a return on their investment after taking the plunge. Pinterest is no exception. Do the pins on Pinterest actually lead to tangible sales and results?
Pins on Pinterest are much more valuable than you might think. A report from HubSpot states that a pin on Pinterest is worth 25% more today than it was worth one year ago. On average, one pin on Pinterest equals $0.78 in sales. That’s some pretty significant news and it might make some small business owners take note of Pinterest.
The good news doesn’t end there. Sales and traffic through pins on Pinterest come long after the pin was placed. Half of the visits and sales from a pin come a few months after it was placed. While a pin has immediate benefits, it appears it also has some long-term benefits as well. This is huge news for companies who want to see results from their campaign long after the campaign has ended.
Your company’s results on Pinterest will vary, but it’s clear the platform is driving some very impressive numbers for companies involved on Pinterest. Do you think the platform will help your business? If so, Seafoam Media can help guide you through the social media waters. We can improve your brand image and push new customers your way with a dedicated and focused social media strategy.

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