Tips For Small Businesses On Social Media

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Tips For Small Businesses On Social MediaSocial media is an extremely valuable tool for small businesses. If you’re just starting out on social media, you might not know how to make the most of your account. With studies reporting that approximately 72% of adults use social media, your business can not afford to ignore the medium. Where should you start?

It’s important to remember that your company’s presence on social media doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to consume all of your time and it doesn’t have to stress you out.

Simple Is Better

Like most things life, social media is best when you keep it simple. Dedicate some time to it but don’t go overboard. Place your focus on the platforms which will serve your company the best (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and be yourself. Don’t worry about reinventing the wheel. While innovation is a good thing, you don’t need to over think your plan when starting out.

What To Post?

That’s up to you. Every company is different. However, your content should serve a purpose and fulfill a need. If all you do is promote your business, consumers will tune out. You can put up advertisements and promotions, but make sure it’s of value. Aside from relevant, useful content for your readers, you should be having conversations with your customers. An engaged consumer is a customer every small business wants.

Absorb Feedback

Worried that you’ll receive waves of criticism? You might, but you should take it as it comes. An active company account on social media will open the door to plenty of negative comments. You’ll also see plenty of positive ones. Treat all of this feedback equally and try your best to learn and grow as a company based on the feedback you receive.

Those are the basics. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. However, there are other ways you can try to use social media in order for your company to break through the social media clutter. If you’d like additional tips and advanced advice, contact Seafoam Media. We specialize in creating unique and specialized social media strategies for small businesses.