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Internet Marketing Secrets to Help Your Campaign Go Viral

January 13, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

Internet Marketing Viral Campaign We've all seen it before: a blog post so good you have to share it with others or a video clip so clever you watched it 5 times in a row. If you are wondering how your business can tap into the online craze and create it's own viral video or blog post, here are a few secrets to help your internet marketing campaign go viral.
Original Content
The one thing that all viral posts and videos have in common is originality. Even if the content is spoofing a well known video or providing a rebuttal to a well known blog post, the secret is that the content is presenting it in a new way. Don't just reinvent the wheel but show your company in a new light by giving an original twist to your advertising marketing campaign.
Useful Content
Whether it's a video or a blog post, content that goes viral is always useful in some shape or form. Sometimes the content contains basic instruction on accomplishing a goal or often times the purpose is to just brighten up your day. Either way, the goal is always the same: Fill the void. Don't just talk about the services that your company provides but rather show the benefits of choosing your business over others. The best Internet marketing campaign always creates something that we didn't know was missing.
It's very rare that a business posts a video on their site alone and it immediately becomes viral. The secret to becoming viral is using networking and public relations to spread the content around different mediums. Viral videos and posts only gain traction when they are picked up by a bigger media outlet. Research the big outlets in your field and network with those in charge of sharing content. Buzzfeed laid out an great infographic that demonstrate how networking can help your blog post go viral.
The X-factor
Keeping all these things in mind, your post or video has to contain "The X-factor" at the end of the day. There has to be something special about the content that makes people want to share it. It has to be fresh and unique. There's a lot of original content out there but many do not possess the "X-factor" to go viral. This is by far the hardest part to execute because it's not something tangible. You just know it when you see it. Test your marketing campaign on others to see if it has that "special something" to make your content go viral.

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