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Seafoam Marketing Challenge

The Seafoam Marketing Challenge is a program designed to give local high school students real-world marketing experience by intertwining their […]

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Analytics & Reporting
Three Ways to Maximize Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Budget

Several weeks ago, we discussed the do’s and don’ts of nonprofit marketing strategies. This week, we’re diving back into the […]

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Analytics & Reporting
The Do’s and Don’ts of Nonprofit Marketing

It’s safe to say that no two marketing strategies are alike. Not only do these strategies change based on a […]

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Seafoam Inspires the Next Generation of Digital Marketers with the Seafoam Marketing Challenge

After more than a year of strategic thinking, planning and building, Seafoam has finally launched a brand new project that […]

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TEAM ROUNDUP: Text Message Marketing Can be Just as Dreadful as Telemarketing

Last week, we revealed how our readers and social media followers prefer to keep in touch with their family and […]

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POLL RESULTS: How do you prefer to keep in touch with family and friends?

Communication is one of the most innate qualities of the human race. We crave conversation. We yearn for connection. We […]

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Are Apple’s Anti-Web Tracking Services a Threat to the Marketing Industry?

In a report that came out earlier this week a major ad technology firm, Criteo, cut its 2018 revenue by […]

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What We’re Thankful for in 2017

  It’s that time again. A cold chill’s in the air. The leaves have turned down. Autumn is here.   […]

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POLL RESULTS: Where are you most likely to shop online?

It’s no secret that the two largest shopping holidays of the year are quickly approaching: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. […]

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Brand Strategy
What Makes a Successful Brand Successful?

Success. It’s a simple word that can make the difference between a business thriving in its market space or closing […]

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Content Development
The Number One Mistake Brands Make with Their Content Marketing Strategy (and How to Fix It)

It’s difficult to have a conversation about marketing without the word “content” popping up. Brands have been telling their stories […]

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[ROUNDTABLE] You’re Stranded on an Island with a Smartphone and Three Apps. Which ones do you choose?

This week, we gave our team the same scenario: If you were stranded on an island by yourself with nothing […]

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