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How to Get Your Mobile App Noticed

mobile appsSpend anytime in the app store of your mobile phone and you're bound to find many apps vying for your attention. For every topic that you search for, there are often numerous apps that offer the same thing and it's hard to decide which one to download because of the homogeneity. Many apps are chosen by trial and error but if your business is looking for an edge on the competition, follow these few steps to get your app noticed.
Choose Effective Keywords
Along with developing a great app, the most important thing your business can do to get your app noticed is use effective keywords. No one will ever find your app if you don't select the right keywords. Just as you did search engine optimization (SEO) research for your WordPress website, you should do the exact same thing for your app. Choose the words that will get your app noticed.
Post Compelling Screenshots
Another thing your business can do to get your app noticed is take some compelling screenshots. With a multitude of apps in the app store, one of the best ways to stand out is with test shots of your app. Entice potential downloaders with your best features by capturing great pictures of your app in action with your user-friends and responsive interface.
Create an Eye-catching Icon
Finally, create a cool icon.  One of the first things people see when they're looking at your app is the icon so it must be eye-catching and creative. Your business logo could be the icon for your app or it could be a new icon. Whatever you choose, just make sure that it represents your business.

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