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Unleash your Email Marketing Potential

March 20, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

EmailWhen it comes to internet marketing for your business, email marketing is often the last resort. Email marketing may not be as glamorous as a nicely executed television ad or as fun as a social media campaign, but it should be viewed as a vital part of your internet marketing plan because it is a workhorse that's proven to get the job done.  If your business hasn't already committed to email marketing, here are a few tips to help you unleash your email marketing potential.

Make it Easy for Customers to Subscribe

Make it fairly easy for customers to sign up for your email list. Don't have your email subscription form on a separate page because it might be hard to find. Instead, give readers the opportunity to subscribe at the end of a blog post.

Build an Email List

The next step is to build an email list. Business 2 Community notes that unlike Twitter followers or Facebook fans, your business actually owns your email list. Your email list can be a valuable asset because it can allow you to personalize messages directly to your customers. Email is a very personal matter and subscribers can read it privately and communicate back to you one to one. This all builds trust with your company that can go a long way with many customers.

Go Beyond the Sale

Finally, try to go beyond just selling a product in your emails. Many marketing emails do not get opened or are ignored because they look more like an infomercial than an informative piece of content. Instead of always going for the sale, try to educate your customer in some of the emails. Show your readers that you are trust worthy and they will return the favor with loyalty.
To learn more about email marketing strategy or if you would like someone to manage your campaigns look no further than Seafoam. We pride ourselves in providing elegant digital marketing solutions for your business.

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