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Marketing Trends To Expect In 2014

The new year is almost upon us. As companies start to close the door on 2013, it's important to prepare and plan for 2014. As you develop your new marketing strategy for the new calendar year, it's important to notice emerging trends before they happen. Here's what you should expect in the upcoming year.
Get Ready To Spend
Budgets are growing. As companies recover from a sluggish economy, more and more money is being allocated for advertising in 2014. If you're planning on keeping pace with competitors, you'd better have a larger marketing budget than you did in 2013. If pay-per-click ads are a major part of your strategy, get ready to face steeper costs.
It's All About The Blog
Companies with a blog who deal directly with other businesses have a higher percentage of leads compared to companies without a blog. A blog is an ideal avenue to express yourself as a company, generate conversations and boost your company's SEO profile.
Will SEO Rebound?
SEO has been an unpleasant topic of late. Thanks to yet another Google update, many companies have reduced their emphasis on SEO. While it's easy to turn your back on SEO, don't ignore it completely. Other avenues work quicker and may produce better results, but SEO can still help your company over a longer time frame.
On The Go
The growth of media consumption through mobile devices is just getting started. If you thought consumers were on their mobile devices a lot in 2013, wait until you see the numbers from 2014. If you don't have a mobile strategy right now you're already way behind the curve. Don't miss out on a trend that's almost guaranteed to keep flourishing.
Ready to outline your 2014 marketing strategy? If so, consider contacting Seafoam Media. We keep a close eye on all of the developing and emerging trends in marketing. We can keep your company at the forefront of advertising.

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