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Baby Got Backlinks

June 17, 2016 | Nikki Bisel

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about backlinks and our love for online networking. After all, it is fun to network digitally and share content among friends, colleagues, and fellow St. Louis SEO enthusiasts. And since we are in a safe space, among friends, we know you will just LOVE our latest  song. So, as promised, our newest SEO rap; Baby Got Backlinks. May Sir Mix-A-Lot forgive us...

Baby Got Backlinks

Baby got backlinks
For shizzle, our rhymes are wiggedy, wiggedy wack... Wait. We can't really pull that off, can we?

I like backlinks and I cannot lie
But spammy links don't apply.
If you want to rank with no time to waste
and you pay out cash to get placed
you get STUNG!
'cause Google won't have none.
Deep in the links that you're sharing
Google is looking for natural pairing.
So if your backlinks aren't related
be prepared for your site to get hated.
So let this count as your warning
or a tank-out rankings you will be mourning.
So how to get good linking?
Oh baby, you know you're thinking.
You say you want to link with me?
Well, woo me, use me.
'Cause I ain't your average link, see.
I've got good content
My posts so relevant
So mad backlinks I will get
When you point your site to my content.
The Algorithm don't want none
unless you got links, son.
We see the magazines
Saying linking is the thing.
But despite that claim
they aren't all the same.
Only relevant links get you game.
So Fella's (Yeah) Fella's (Yeah)
Think your backlinks are the best?
Then you'll rank it. (Rank it.) Rank it.
Rank those weighty links.
Baby got back (links)
So this is what happens when you over-caffeinate us. Hope you enjoyed our mad rhymes! Until next time, keep your backlinks flowing...

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