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April 1, 2024 | Nikki Bisel

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April 2024 Marketing News & Happenings:

  • AI tools continue to transform marketing, with a focus on strategic application vs. generating content from scratch. Marketers are using AI to analyze data, segment audiences, understand sentiment, and more. Quality, human-crafted content remains essential.
  • Brands are investing in partnerships and collaborations to expand reach and pool resources. Co-marketing is on the rise.
  • User-generated video content is gaining popularity as an authentic, cost-effective way to build trust and drive conversions. Short video formats under 60 seconds have the highest engagement rates.
  • Companies are prioritizing the social media platforms that deliver the best ROI for their specific audience vs. trying to maintain a presence everywhere.

Our Take

The shift in how marketers utilize AI reflects the importance of strategically leveraging new technologies while maintaining a human touch. AI should enhance and support marketing efforts, not replace the need for original, high-quality content.

The trends toward partnerships, UGC, short video, and focused social media strategies all point to brands seeking more authentic connections with their audience. It's about building genuine trust and relationships vs. casting a wide net.

Savvy marketers will adapt to these changes by developing robust first-party data, exploring creative collaborations, encouraging customer content, and selecting the most relevant channels to engage their core customers. An agile approach focused on providing real value will be key to sustainable success.

Must-Attend Marketing Events:

  • April 4 - ANA Virtual Town Hall on new Marketing Code of Ethics
  • April 4-5 - The InDesign + Long Documents Summit (virtual)
  • April 8-10 - LeadsCon Las Vegas - Lead generation conference
  • April 8-10 - ANA AI for Marketers Conference (Hollywood, FL)
  • April 9-11 - AdWeek Social Media Week
  • April 12 - AIGA St. Louis Design Show 27
  • April 16 - Ad Age Studio 30 Live: Future of Healthcare Marketing
  • April 17 - AMA Webinar: How AI is Transforming Video & Content Production
  • April 18 - AMA St. Louis Luncheon feat. CCO of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co.
  • April 25-26 - BrightonSEO (UK)

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