Profile of Matt Lodge - Digital Marketing Analyst

Matt Lodge: Strategist


I am a Strategist at Seafoam Media. It’s my job to convert measurable data into actionable results for our clients.


I want to ensure that our clients have every advantage possible in a competitive digital landscape. My mission is to use data-driven approaches to create a seamless marketing plan that grabs customers, no matter how they’re searching or browsing.


I’ve always loved solving problems. Diving into data and numbers to find ways to move the needle for our clients creates unique challenges and gives me the opportunity to find new solutions to age-old problems.


Prior to joining Seafoam Media, I worked at a direct marketing agency in New York City for 4 years. I learned classic methods for reaching customers and growing brands.

I also worked for the largest online chess website,, for 4 years. I worked extensively on growing our online presence along with managing our analytics for our streaming video content.


I play a lot of chess, despite being deeply mediocre at it. I’m in a bowling league, despite being deeply mediocre at that, as well. I love spending time with my fiance and my dog, which I am fantastic at.

Rachel Sipes

Rachel Sipes: Digital Marketing Analyst


I am one our team's Digital Marketing Analysts! I love digging into the numbers and watching my hard work in PPC and SEO pay off for our clients.


To learn and test.  I want to learn as much about the digital space as possible so I can become a better strategist, analyst, and business partner.  I want to know more about your business and tell you what I know will help you achieve your goals.


The media industry is ever changing.  Something new is being rolled out everyday; something that could help my clients soar.


I started my career 4 years ago in paid media and have been learning about new trends and methods ever since!


I'm excited to work for a company who has a relaxed, trusting, hungry, and dedicated atmosphere.


I love to re-watch my favorite tv shows.  Sometimes while I do this, you will find me tapping into my creative side with some acrylic paints or mimicking some drawings on sketchpad.

Three Iconic Ways Brands Have Used Emoji In Digital Marketing Campaigns

By Seafoam Media
Industry Insights

image of emoji in digital marketing campaignA picture is worth a thousand words, right? For businesses embarking on ji
ji in their digital marketing efforts, a picture is worth even more than that — they equate to revenue.
As we discussed in our blog post last week, How to Use Emoji in Digital Marketing, the tiny expressive characters known as emoji are utilized by 92 percent of online users. Out of this 92 percent, nearly 26 percent of online users are from Generation Z, making this up-and-coming group the largest generation alive — even bigger than Millennials and Baby Boomers. Due to this undeniable fact, Generation Z holds a lot of potential buying power, thus prompting brands to reach this group of consumers as early as possible.
Keeping in line with our emoji in digital marketing theme from last week, here are some ways several of the world’s top organizations have already utilized emoji to engage with customers.

Three Popular Emoji-Based Digital Marketing Campaigns

Pepsi Co.

Chances are, if you’ve frequented a convenience store within the last couple years, you have seen a shelf of Pepsimoji bottles adorned with bright yellow faces strategically placed where the Pepsi logo should be. The idea behind the campaign was to encourage Pepsi drinkers to share the joys of their favorite cola by gifting a bottle of bubbly to close family members and friends. Following the success of this strategy, Pepsi kicked the program up a notch late last year by partnering with Pizza Hut to offer free pizzas to anyone who found a bottle with an elusive pizza emoji stamped on it.

If you would like to send your own PepsiMoji to your closest friends and family, you can download the official PepsiMoji keyboard for iPhone and Android devices at the provided links.


If you’ve turned on your television recently, you are sure to have seen Chevrolet’s emoji-based ad campaign. By asking seemingly endless panels of “real people” to express their love for Chevrolet’s new line of vehicles using only emoji – among employing other pop-culture communication tactics – one of American’s most recognized automotive manufacturers is intent on showing that its brand is ready for the youthful digital age. How dope is that?

Domino’s Pizza

Is it possible to order a fresh, hot pizza with a single emoji character? This is the reality Domino’s dreamed up when they launched their Easy Order campaign. By following a few quick steps to register for the program, users could essentially Tweet a pizza emoji to Domino’s registered Twitter account and have their favorite American pie brought straight to their door. How’s that for convenience?

Is emoji in digital marketing effective?

As technology continues to invent new ways for brands to reach consumers, emoji-based marketing tactics are only the beginning. The digital revolution will usher in even more unique ways for organizations to appeal to consumers down the road.
In the meantime, we would like to pose several questions for you to consider: How did the emoji-based digital marketing campaigns we discussed in this article make you feel? Did you receive these campaigns positively? Maybe their execution prompted you to hold onto your dollars instead of spend them? Do you feel that emoji in digital marketing is helpful or harmful to brands?
Share your reactions with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We look forward to reading your thoughts!

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