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The Hidden Goldmine That is Your Thank You Page

thank you page ideas seafoam media blogWhen optimizing a website, we do everything we can to increase conversions: we write content around lucrative long tail keywords, we design call to action buttons and forms that entice customers to click, and we generally make it easier to navigate around the site. At first glance, it seems like all bases are covered: your customer visited your page, clicked, and converted (whether buying a product or signing up for something). But what happens after? Chances are, they'll get redirected to your "Thank You" page, presenting them a simple message stating your gratitude. And for most businesses, that's it! There's no other communication or pitch, the transaction is done. This is an old school method of design, and we're here to suggest that your Thank You page has much more potential!

How To Best Utilize Your Thank You Page

1. Recommend similar products
Amazon does it, and it's not only successful, it's helpful, too! After your customer completes an order, your thank you page is the perfect spot to show them similar or related products/services that might go hand-in-hand with what they just got. If using WooCommerce, this would be known as "related products".
2. Offer a promo code
Want to get repeat business? Give your customer a discount or a deal on a future purchase! Offering a promo code on your thank you page is the perfect way to leave your customer with a positive impression, and a desire to come back and get something else from you in the future.
3. Get email subscribers
Another great opportunity for your thank you page is to ask visitors to sign up for your email newsletter. If they know you'll be sharing useful information on upcoming products as well as promotions, they'll be likely to consent to providing an email address. Just make sure you communicate the benefit of your newsletter!
4. Get feedback
Ask your customer what they liked about your site, or what features they wish you offered. Feedback like this is incredibly valuable and can help you to better optimize your site for the demographics you're selling to.
5. Promote your social media pages
Just like your newsletter, offering links to your social media pages can help you increase customer loyalty, as well as build engagement with your customers. Consider this: most customers never bother to actually "like" or "follow" a company's social media accounts just from spotting buttons at the top of the page. However, if you create a box or messaging that specifically asks your new customer to follow you, they may be more likely to (especially if they know that you offer exclusive information and promos on your social media pages).
What tactics do you use for your thank you page? Send us a comment on Facebook or a tweet to @SeafoamMedia with your thoughts!

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