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Is your brand’s website working as hard for you as it should be? Make the most of every inch of page real estate by tuning the user experience for maximum conversions.

At its most basic level, your website is a coded assembly of pages, copy, colors, icons, and images all arranged to create its look and feel. There is a near infinite number of ways these pieces can fit together, but even if you’re happy with your site’s overall design, when was the last time you asked yourself how easy it is to use? If you were visiting your site for the first time, how many pages would you have to click through before you found what you were looking for? Most importantly, how simple is it for your customers to purchase your products or services? If you don’t have a clear-cut solution to any of these questions, your website may benefit from conversion rate optimization.

Why Choose Seafoam

The largest obstacle between your customers and what you’re selling should never be a poorly designed website.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a series of elements that compel more of the people who visit your site to “convert,” or invest in your products and services. These can range from simple components, like icon colors, typefaces, and positioning, to larger components, such as adjusted page layouts, paragraph formatting, and clearer descriptions for products and services.

Our St. Louis conversion rate optimization company looks at every partners’ online presence from an overhead view. This gives us the ability to identify where we can make adjustments and glean the best results from every customer that lands on your website.

Having a strong conversion rate optimization strategy is critical to your future success. Without it, you risk giving up customers to a competitor who provides a better online user experience.

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Conversion rate optimization is the culmination of several pieces of marketing – SEO services, website design & development, content marketing – all wrapped up in one compelling package on your website. On our SEO page, you can see how important it is to drive more traffic to your site, but there’s more that comes after that. Once the traffic is there, we want them to turn into viable leads for ecommerce sales.

What you can expect with Seafoam Media:

Getting Started

There are one of two reasons you found your way to this page: either you have an existing website that isn’t achieving your brand’s goals, or you’re interested in us building you a brand new site from the ground up. Regardless of what brought you here, knowing that your site can (and should) work harder for you is the first step in improvement.


Depending on the engine powering your website, we can measure the results of your site’s design using a technique called heat mapping. With this tool, we can see which pages your customers spend most of their time, which icons they click on most, and which areas they veer away from.


After we’ve gathered some user experience data from your customers, we will present our findings to you, face to face, in our monthly meeting. At this time, we can show you where your website is excelling and where it could use some additional changes.


Now that we’ve pinpointed any problem areas on your website, we can go in and make adjustments. Some changes may be simple, like moving an icon or switching up its color. Other changes may include rewording paragraphs or rearranging a page’s visual structure. The data we gather will guide us toward the changes that need to be made.


Our job doesn’t end after we’ve made adjustments to your site. Over the following month, we’ll measure again, present the results to you, and decide what our next step of action should be. Since your products and services, as well as your customers’ needs, can change over time, conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process that needs to be addressed on a regular basis.

Is conversion rate optimization the only service you need?

You may have come to us seeking only conversion rate optimization, St. Louis SEO services, St. Louis website design, or possibly another one of our services. You’ll soon discover, however, that we offer a more holistic approach to the sites we build and the data we gather on your behalf. We care about quality, and we’re always willing to adapt our strategy to incorporate new information. We don’t separate conversion rate optimization research from the other factors that lead your business to success. We keep our eyes on the whole picture and continually bring you timely data translated into everyday language.

We pride ourselves on being a digital marketing agency for businesses that want to lead. With Seafoam, more customers won’t just find your website, but they’ll be more likely to convert, as well. Our St. Louis conversion rate optimization company uses all the tools at our disposal to tune your customers’ user experience and increase their chances of investing in your products and services.

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