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Assembling an Elite Team is Key to Building Business Success

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image of two individuals working together — assembling an elite team is key to building business successPeople — the world is full of them (7 billion of us, actually). And we are all unique in our own special ways. Our thoughts, actions, skills and talents are just several of the many qualities that set us apart — make us valuable to the human race.
It’s this human element that drives great marketing. Why? Because great marketing is designed by people, to be consumed by people. Thus, assembling an elite team capable of designing innovative marketing strategies is key to building business and client success.

Who do you want on your team?

In a marketing agency such as Seafoam Media, there are two types of teammates that fuel client success…


The visionaries within an internet marketing agency are the people who think big. Their heads are continuously filled with ideas ranging from plausible to fantastical. The benefit of having at least one visionary on the team is that they have an innate ability to drive creativity forward. To a visionary, the world is an endless array of “what if’s” just waiting to be expounded upon.

As the late CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, once said, visionaries are the crazy ones. By daring to think differently than the status quo, they have the power to change the world.


Where visionaries create ideas, integrators see the path ahead — they know how to map out the route that turns impalpable thoughts into tangible reality. As lovers of logistics, integrators pride themselves on seeing the intricate details that must be executed in order to carry out a visionary's concept.

Late modern business philosopher and author, Peter Drucker, summarizes this methodology best: “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” In the case of integrators, they are the fuel that brings the spark of ideas to life.

Every organization needs visionaries and integrators…

When assembling an elite team of doers, one must be careful not to place too much emphasis on gathering one group of thinkers over another. Much like light cannot exist without darkness, visionaries and integrators need each other in order to cultivate success. Only by employing a balance of these two branches of thought will magnificent ideas have the proper environment to be born, grow and thrive.

Scale Up… 

For more information on assembling an elite team that builds business success, Seafoam Media’s founder and owner, Nikki Bisel, recommends reading the book, Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make it…and Why the Rest Don’t.
To learn more about Seafoam Media’s core values, philosophies, company culture and more, please bookmark our official blog. There will be more great content to come soon! Thanks for reading.

people on tablet
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