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How to Be Smarter About Your Mobile Strategy

August 14, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

"Businesses are honestly looking at their web presence backwards."
These are the words of Douglas Karr, the founder of the Marketing Technology Blog. He has a valid point—we spend a lot of time tweaking our website and presence. However, that time could be better spent by analyzing everything from the perspective of a smart phone user. Most brand interactions these days start with a mobile device, and having a mobile strategy in place will help set you apart from your competitors.
Here's an interesting statistic: about two thirds of businesses are using some form of mobile marketing, but have only been active with it for about a year. The market for mobile is only to going to get larger, as smartphone based searches are expected to exceed desktop-based ones by 2015. With over 57% of Americans owning smartphones, including the 55-64 demographic, it's safe to say: we're no longer at the point where businesses can ask if they have a mobile website, or a mobile strategy—it is an expectation.
Knowing this information, it's possible to stay ahead of the pack by keeping well informed. One such topic we covered recently was that of ecommerce tips, including optimizing for mobile. As smartphone based marketing continues to grow at its current pace, your best weapon is knowing exactly what your customers want to expect! It may start with the website, but it can expand in many directions: a mobile app, optimizing mobile email templates, social media campaigns, and so forth. For more on this topic, check out the infographic below and see where many businesses currently stand in relation to mobile.

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