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Generate More Revenue With These Ecommerce Tips

July 1, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

Shopping cart full of money. Generate more revenue with these ecommerce tips from Seafoam Media
How can you convert more visitors on your website into buyers? Think small! Ecommerce is like having a tiny studio apartment, where you're trying to maximize every little bit of space possible to be comfortable and efficient. Only in this case, you're not decorating between your walls, but rather the virtual real estate that makes up the design and layout of your website. Does it have a clear call to action? A quick load time? And is it just as easy to shop from your computer as it is your mobile device?
Here's a statistic that will have you wanting to think about mobile: In 2013 alone, US mobile commerce revenue amounted to more than 38 billion dollars. This includes mobile media and content, retail services, travel purchases, and other items. People want to shop just as easily from their phone as they do from their computer!
Statista put together this chart below that shows the growth pattern where mobile shopping is headed:
Mobile retail e-commerce sales in the United States from 2013 to 2020
According to their predictions, mobile sales will double in just a few more years, as businesses continue to adapt and offer easy ways for consumers to shop online. What are some ways your business can grab a foothold and improve online sales? Check out these suggestions below:

Simple Ecommerce Tips for Better User Experience

Make sure your site loads quickly

47% of customers say they expect a web page to load in just a few seconds, and up to 40% of your customers will give up trying to shop on your site if it takes longer than three seconds to load! With this in mind, optimize all the images used on your site. If any have a large file size, that will contribute to your site's loading time, and they should be made smaller. In addition, check your code. Is the CSS at the top of the page? Are there any possible conflicts that could be causing delays?

Have easy to identify call to action buttons

Make the buying process simple and streamlined. Guide your customer with buttons that are bold, bright, and stick out from everything else. Always have some sort of call to action on every page!

Security certificates are a must

Shoppers are not only smart, they're cautious about having their information potentially wind up in the wrong hands. You're more likely to gain a sale with them if you can prove your authenticity. Use some of the space on your page to include security certificates you have, such as being a BBB accredited business, or having a Norton secured website.

Include Contact Information

Give your customers an easy way to reach you if they have questions about your product or service. It is ideal to include more than one contact method—this assures your customer that you are easy to reach. In addition to providing a phone number or email address, include your Facebook page and/or Twitter handle for users to reach out to you.

Optimize for Mobile

As mentioned earlier, you want to think small when designing the page that will serve as your mobile site. Text and images should be re-sized so that they're easier (and faster) to view on mobile devices, and the navigational positioning of your page should be tuned accordingly. Since most people hold their phones vertically when browsing a site, you'll want your mobile page to be easily viewed in a top-down format.
Lastly, for an ideal mobile site, make sure there is enough space between any call to action button or links you include, so thumbs and fingers can scroll down the page or click with ease.
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