Want a Better Conversion Rate? Think Like a Reptile

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Close up of a reptile. Thinking like one could improve your conversion rate!
You’re probably thinking that you’ve read the strangest headline ever.
Don’t worry—we also agree! This far-fetched idea came straight from the mind of Joanna Wiebe at Copy Hackers, where she recently gave some expert advice on improving the conversion rate of your customers. As a small business, what you need to do nowadays to get a customer to click your button? The answer may lie in how guarded customers are when they consider a purchase.

 “Two reasons why people don’t click your button are friction and anxiety.”

If a button is a closed door, your customer is unsure of what’s on the other side. This causes anxiety, keeping them from opening that door! In order to get customers to convert, we need to appeal to the primitive side of their brain. Not the rational, logical area, but rather the reptilian brain. This is the area that is drawn to instinct and stimuli, which influences whether you make certain decisions. If the lizard brain perceives something as not to be feared by, it will be more likely to approach.
Thinking like a lizard involves appealing to the senses. If your customers are lizards, your buttons need to be:

  1. Visually stimulating
  2. Out of the ordinary 

The presentation used a great example, which you can see below:
Joanna copyblogger slideshare
joanna copyblogger slideshare 2
Chances are, your eyes were immediately drawn to the green option in the first slide, but they weren’t drawn to the button because it blended in with the others. When the button is changed to stand out among the others (as in the second slide) it gets many more clicks. While it may seem simple, design elements like this can be crucial in influencing a click. Colors and shapes that stand out and pop respond to our primitive brain, which catches our attention.
In the presentation, Joanna also stresses the importance of another element we should fine tune: the call to action. We covered this topic recently, but she put a great spin on it, suggesting that you make your call to action a “call to value”. With a call to value, stress the benefit to your customer with the button! If you’re selling a customer, utilize creative copy to catch their attention. For example, if your business sells scheduling software, instead of the usual “Sign up” or “Free trial” you might include on a button, try something out of the ordinary, such as “End my scheduling hassles”.
You know who else was a fan of standing out? This guy:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mondo Gecko brain

Try these ideas to think like a lizard and see how they affect your conversion rate!

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