Lifetime Media

Award-winning Video Production offering services from motion and animation to studio rental. Lifetime Media has been "planting the seeds of success" through powerful brand stories since 2000.

Lifetime Media is the most reviewed video production company in the St. Louis region - and the only company with 50+ five-star reviews. From engaging animated videos to compelling brand overviews and training videos, they’ve got their satisfied customers covered from start to finish. Lifetime’s promises to deliver their proprietary ‘5 Seeds to Success’:

  • Get Comfortable (Expertise)
  • Get Motivated (Easy to Work With)
  • Get Supported (Communication)
  • Get Productive (Flexibility)
  • Get Inspired (Quality)

The Challenge 

Lifetime Media was originally designed using a pre-built Squarespace theme about 10 years ago, and the content and design was no longer reflective of the breadth or quality of work they were producing. The initial site architecture wasn’t built with future expandability in mind, and Lifetime was having difficulty figuring out how to keep it alive with its limitations.

The main challenge we were faced with was to create a user-friendly cataloging system for Lifetime’s ever-expanding video library, allowing them to autonomously upload and maintain their projects without having to reach out to Seafoam every time.
Lifetime website wireframes flow

The Approach & Solution 

Seafoam Media and Lifetime have a long-standing relationship so we wanted to give them something special.
We started by auditing the existing website architecture to make sure we didn’t mess with any of their potential domain authority that had been built up over the years. We then created a 301 redirect matrix that would ensure minimal impact on their SEO footprint upon launch.

Next we worked on the functional and technical requirements. During discovery we decided we would create a video project taxonomy system using WordPress’s native category and tag functionalities. Services (Video Production, Video Editing, etc.) would be used as tags since most productions would use multiple services and Industries (Healthcare, Education, etc.) would be used to create categories.

Lifetime makes really cool stuff for their clients! We wanted to showcase it better and bigger on the new site by giving them a dedicated space to write content for each project using custom ‘Project’ post types with custom fields and dynamic linking between pages, posts, and projects.

The Results 

Seafoam created a modern and responsive sales tool that helps prospective clients understand Lifetime’s unique selling points better than ever. The improved navigation and user interface enables users to more easily discover, engage with, and understand the showcased projects like never before - and simplifies Lifetimes proposal writing process.
Lifetime Website on different devices

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