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This Infographic Has the Secrets to Writing a Good Blog Post

November 25, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

Dictionary definition of "blog". Writing a good blog post Seafoam MediaWriting a good blog post is like making a sandwich you want to sell to somebody. You could slap any piece of meat between two slices of white bread and call it a day, but are you going to be attracting hungry people who are eager to see what you're serving? Probably not. It's when you add all of the intricate ingredients in between that you get something full of flavor (or in the context of marketing, something useful your customers will want to read!)
Everything you write should not only provide great content, but to help shape the image you want your brand to convey, as well as your authority on the topics you cover. As we all know, the first step to writing is having a great idea, and we're here to tell you that the best blog posts all contain a similar element: they have references from trusted sources which add to the credibility of the content. If you're not using credible sources (or any sources at all), your readers aren't going to be building long term trust with you, especially if you're just starting out.
What does this all mean? When writing a blog post, you can build more trust in your readership by quoting, referencing, and linking to other sources that are seen as industry experts. Useful information can be found in a variety of ways: through social media, from articles that are hidden beyond the first page of Google, or in studies or graphs put out by research companies in your field.
To get a better idea of the vast amount of ways in which you can go about finding credible sources to include in your blog content, the team at WhoIsHostingThis has put together an infographic with tons of juicy details on references.

Take a look at this infographic with tips on writing a good blog post:

Writing a good blog post infographic from WhoIsHostingThis Seafoam Media blog

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